Friday, April 18, 2014

I've been awol...

...but for a good reason.

I've been working really hard to get myself into my nail tech course which starts on the 12th May, so I'm going to do a weekly "what I learnt in course" post.

I've been making some nail polishes to send, to test, to try.  One of my thoughts is to open a "nail bar" where people can come and make their own polishes.  But I need to know that its going to be a viable option before I just jump into it.  Unfortunately, glitters, pigments, bottles and base takes a LONG time to save up for and to get shipped over.

There will still be beauty box updates.  I've been a little slack with blogging about them, but that will get better.  I might not catch up on the last two months boxes, but I'll make sure to keep going.  Most of the time I'm doing unboxings on youtube.

Sample Bar stopped and Violet Box started.  Goodie box has been consistently good the whole time.

I've started my little shop on facebook - Olliepop & Luci - so go like it and buy something from me.  I'll be putting up new polishes and things as they happen.  Most of them will be a once-off or will be customs.

There are also polish making parties in the works, and all these ideas are just pouring out of my head and into my work.

So sorry for delays and a bit of an absence.  I'll try to post more.