Monday, December 29, 2014

Lust Have It - November Bag


This is really really really late, and I am so sorry for that.

I would like to thank NZ's crappy Decemeber for providing me with only the last couple of days of sunlight worthy of photos, and my camera for dying so I've had to use my cellphone.

We don't get sent Nov's box till around the 10th of Dec, so yea, I delayed this a LOT.

On with the box!

I was super smart this time and took a photo of the actual card.  We all know how awesome I am at losing these cards before I blog the products.

First up!

So Susan Luminiser 
Full Size: $35

It's really shimmery and would look great for a nightime summer look!

Naturalus Paw Paw Pure Gel
Full Size: $6.15

I've used Paw Paw ointment before for cuts and scrapes, so it seems logical to use the magical healing properties for an after-sun gel.

Even better: Keep it in the fridge for when you get back from the beach.

Aveda Color Conserve Daily Protect
Full Size: $49.95 (100ml).  Sample: $4.99 (10ml).

Its a leave-in treatment for coloured hair.  I don't have coloured hair at the moment so I'll keep it for when I get my highlights redone.

Essenzza Face Masks
Full Size: $4.95 x 2

I used one of them because they say they're meant to be "fuss free".  
I found them to be a little fussy - The layers just didn't want to peel, and the silk layer was a pain to try to stick to my face.  
Other than that, they smell good and feel good on.  

The Cosmetic Kitchen Pressed Mineral Blush in Sherbert
Full Size: $34.95

This seemed more like another highlighter than a blush.  It was sheer and shimmery, and had not as much of a payoff as I was expecting.  

The colour in the pan didn't really translate to the skin.

This is probably the one thing that annoys me a little... Its very well and good to include a flyer saying "win free stuff", but if you're not actually getting the products until December, the "entries close 5th Nov" is really just silly.  Even if I wanted to enter, there is no way I would be considered, because on the 5th November I was still waiting for the October box.

Anyway, this was a pretty good bag.

Total cost of the bag:  $19.99 AU.  Total Value: $90.99

Pretty damn good value.  The highlighter and blush make up the majority of that value, and the face masks and pawpaw are good to have around.

******  DISCLAIMER.....******
Still waiting on my affiliate code, but you should totally buy this box.  These opinions are my own, and sometimes the voices in my head contribute.  I get this for free to review, and I would really appreciate it if people shared the love and purchased a bag from them.  They don't just do womens boxes!  They do other ones too that may be more appealing.