Saturday, February 14, 2015

365 days of colour: day 32

 Day 32

I've been hunting, searching and pretty much lusting after Butter London - Knackered.  Its a blue/purple/teal duochrome with a holographic glitter.  

Image from Butter London's website.

This isn't it.  

In my hunt for a perfect dupe, I found this one at the last Beauty Expo.

It's not even close.  

Leighton Denny - Meteor Match

The glitter is more silver, and the blue is not quite as vibrant as Knackered.  The purple duo is more visible in the bottle than on the nail.  

Still a pretty colour though.

If anyone wants to gift me a bottle of Knackered, send me a facebook message and I'll love you forever.  

365 days of colour: day 31

 Day 31

Lets just say that cleanup on these textured polishes is a pain.  If you think glitter polish is hard to get off, these are worse.

But they are so pretty.  Ugh.

Julie G - Plum Fairy

I have a massive soft spot for Julie G polishes.  They're *SO* pigmented that you can easily, if you're in a hurry, get away with one coat.  If you have a little extra time, you can slap on two in a relatively short amount of time because they dry super quick.  

If you DON'T like the texture, you can add a coat of thin clear coat to lessen the bumps, or a thicker top coat to smooth it out.  Gloss top coats will enhance the sparkle, matte top coats will dull it, but it looks pretty either way.

365 days of colour: day 30

Day 30.

I used one of my favourite collections for the main colour.  

Etude House - Lemon? Pineapple? 
Accent: OlliePop & Luci - Heartbreaker

The accent is a polish from my Valentines collection.  A jawbreaker coloured polish with neon hearts, squares and hexes.

Pale/pastel colours never apply properly on me.  

365 days of colour: day 29!

Day 29: Duochrome love 

I've been forever loving a good duo, but they are incredibly hard to photograph.  Like, almost impossible.

I managed to get sent 4 of the 8 (7?) in this range sent to be as a swap, and I picked up the 5th in a destash.  The Lustre Shine range has some gorgeous colours, but they are very gentle duos.  They're not as strikingly obvious as say, OPI Just spotted the lizard or ILNP's offerings.  

Sally Hansen - Firefly is a 3-coat-opaque metallic-ish finish.  It'll show up all the imperfections (you can see the lines of my peeling nails and the wearing-off-gel-polish in the pictures.  Flashes copper-yellow-green if you can get the right light hitting it.

365 days of colour: day 28

Day 28: Red

I got sent this one in a Lust Have It box, and there is a blog post about the contents of that here.

Teeez Trendy Cosmetics
Head Over Heels Nail Lacquer - Camine Craze

Its a pretty red colour, and I like the formula.  Its more oxblood red than say, tomato, and it has a metallic finish.  

365 days of colour: Day 27

Day 27:  Butter London!

Today I've got two butter london colours.

Photos are after a day at work, so show tip wear - I'm sorry :(

Butter London - All Hail The Queen
Accent: Butter London - Two Finger Salute

These polishes are on the pricy side, and have a really lovely formula.  AHTQ is a really nice nude with a holographic shimmer and a red flash.  TFS is a minty teal with copper flakies.  

365 Days of colour: Day 26

Day 26: Nude

I started a new job and wanted to keep it neutral for the first few days.

Sally Hansen - Without A Stitch

I always find that pastel/light colours have a problem of being blobby and streaky on my nails.