Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I ordered the Etude House Sweet Recipe polishes from Ebay.  I still have 4 on their way, but the 8 pastel ones made it!

Koreans... the ninjas of the postal world.

Yep.  Right there on the declaration.  Nail Polish.


I love them so much.  They're REALLY opaque - if you're a pro with the application, you could totally get away with 1 coat.  I wonder if they stamp?

And who doesn't love free samples?  Maxim Coffee Mocha powder, Hello Kitty bandaids, Skinfood CC Cream sample (a tinted moisturiser I guess?  It has SPF in it...), and Magic Bubble (a skin brightening bubbling cleanser).  YAY FOR FREE STUFF!!!

Also in the mail today:  A sample pack from the lovely Shea over at Nail Polish of the World.  She gave my sister and I some gorgeous nail strips to try out.

They're meant to guarantee 7 days of wear. Lets see if they can practise what they preach!!

The red ones in the middle are a french tip style with clear nailbed.  I wonder if they would work over polish.

I really like the marble one, the moustache and the retro paisley.

No street address or number... how it found me, I don't know.

Actually, it might be because Emz got one at the same time so they probably bundled them together.

The Etude Icecreams were the perfect colour match to the strip.  I had some trouble applying the strips, so it looks a little bubbly.  I think I managed to work it out with a bit more heating and rubbing.

Oh my poor pinky.

My sisters attempts at the wraps.  The one on her thumb is very bubbled, and the one on her ring finger is a little bubbly at the cuticle end.  Revlon Winter Mist & L A Colors Candy Sprinkles.

Here we go, 7 day challenge!!

Bonus Kitty!

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

NZ Beauty Expo

This weekend was amazing.

The New Zealand Beauty Expo is a huge array of wholesale providers and experts in makeup, skincare and nail technology.  Usually limited to those in the trade or students, we managed to sneak our facebook groups in as a clinic.

NZ Polish Addicts & Makeup Junkies became a real thing, and our group of bloggers had a massive amount of fun.

After visiting the Colour Club stand and claiming our free polish, we headed to the Nfu-Oh stand to stock up on supplies.

Had to check out the Seche supplies.

And take photos of Grace marvelling over her stash so far.

"So many pretties..."

Most conventions have Promo Girls... we found the Spray-tan Guys.

"Can I have one of each?"

A rather phallic range of offerings...

Its a self-heating massage tool.  You pretty much use salt water to activate the stuff on the inside and it heats up to give you a really good massage.  "Lava Bambu® is another self-heating tool that utilises the unique technology of Lava Gel®, a natural synergy of ocean inspired elements that combines minerals, black lava, dried sea kelp, and algae to create the foundation for a deep heat treatment.."

If you want one, you can get one from Beauty Spa and Wellbeing.

Some gorgeous nail art from Odyssey Nail Systems.

"So, how exactly do you text with those nails?"

To match our Heated Bamboo Stick, we have...

Gemstone Massage Balls.

I really like these.  You like them too?  Get some from Joya Australia.  

I couldn't buy the wigs unfortunately, and the dye colours are not permanent or even semi permanent - they last around 6 weeks (if you're lucky).  Their main selling point was that you could dilute them to create a range of shades from the one jar.

The girls got stuck into the makeup testers.

NZ Spa was looking a little lonely, but very very green.

Young Nails were doing demonstrations and had a gorgeous array of colours and products.

Even a creepy hand to practise nails on.

Pedicures for everyone!   Glitter up or go home!

(I love how she matched the glitter to her bracelet.)

Blinged up nail lamps.

Jars and jars of acrylic powders, glitters and other pretty things.

Even ... candyfloss?

Across the road from Young Nails:

The colours were pretty, although limited.

Foils on display.

Yep.  $1.50 per nail.  

A quiet moment of reflection before exploring some more of the expo.

A very persuasive salesman tried to get Brooklynne to buy some BB cream.  

These brushes were so gorgeous, but we found out (after a very long wait) that they were only selling them with a set.  The brush cleaner was so lovely and scented!

Lovely ornate mirror, just for the sake of it.

As soon as she saw it... Brooklynne HAD to have some crown brushes.

These pretties caught my eye, and I managed to restrain myself.  
I picked up 3, because I couldn't resist.  Never heard of Leighton Denny, but the pale blue one seemed to be almost a dupe for Butter London Knackered, without as much of a purple duo.

After a long hard day of shopping, I scored 29 polishes.  It would of been 30, but Color Club was all out of Peony, the only one from the scented Ruby Wing collection that I couldn't get.  3 were free, 2 were gifted, and the rest were fantastic prices.

Top row L-R: (Color Club) With abandon, Wild Orchid, Object of Envy, Kismet, Beyond, Miss Bliss, Cosmic Fate, Over the Moon, Eternal Beauty.
Middle Row: (CND) Brigitta, Sophia, Miss Wu, Gold Sparkle, Violet Shimmer, (Leighton Denny) Meteor Match, Astronaughty, (Color Club) Fresh Linen, Lily, Eternal.
Bottom Row: (CND) Veronica, Copper Shimmer, Copper Pearl, Gold Shimmer, Emerald Shimmer, (Leighton Denny) Your Planet or Mine, Big Bang, (Color Club) Poppy, Cut Grass, Sunflower.

All in all, an amazing day with some wonderful people.  

Thanks to all the girls from NZ Polish Addicts and NZ Makeup Junkies who came along.  
Thanks to The New Zealand Beauty Expo for letting us come and make connections and new friends.
Thanks also to Lexie, Grace, Olive, Brooklynne, Anneke and Lisa for hanging out with me at the expo.