Friday, January 8, 2016

November Lust Have It!

Holy photos, Batman!  It's time (well past time) to post the November Lust Have It!

The December one is due to show up in a couple days, so lets get this good time started!

Some good stuff this month!

Ulta3 Blush Stick - Bold Apricot
Full Size: $6.95

This is a cream to powder blush and despite it saying "bold", it's not overpowering.  It seems a little chalky going on, but it blends out to almost nothing, just a subtle hint of colour.

Left side is smudged/blended out, right side is untouched.

It's very subtle.  I think this was 3 or 4 swipes, blending out each one with my fingers.  I guess you could build it up, but its summer, and lets embrace the non-heavy makeup.  Also, freckles.  I has them.

Evelyn Iona Natural and Organic Concealer - Flawless
Full Size: $19.80 (3g).  Sample: $11.22 (1.7g)

This is a very creamy formula and it pretty perfectly matches my skin colour.  The sample size is small enough that I can throw it into my makeup bag and not worry about carrying a huge pottle around.

Can you even see it?  Its there... somewhere...

Coral Colours Love Lips - Peach Sorbet
Full Size: $6.99

This colour is a bit light on me, its OK but not sure I could wear it on the daily.  It is a little patchy when applied straight from the... bullet?  It's shaped like an EOS balm, which just makes me want to rub it all over my mouth instead of trying to actually get it ON my lips.

It's still a pretty colour though.  I'd need to be a little paler I think to pull it off.

Manna Kadar Liplocked Lippie - XOXO
Full Size: $24

I'm a sucker for a good lip colour.

This one is a hard colour to describe.  In the tube it shows as a dark pink-leaning nude, but on the skin it changes into something more mauve, and on the lips its different again.  Application is great, but it tends to catch on bits that need to be exfoliated, and that is something I haven't done in a while.  Naughty Stacey.

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream
Full Size: $19.99 (50ml).  Sample: $1.99 (5ml)

For a daily moisturiser this isn't too bad.  Its light and goes on without a greasy feel.  It has a very strong scent of floral and is tinted.  The whole thing isn't tinted though, it appears to have little beads of colour in it that burst as you rub it in.  You need to be careful to get it all even or else you'll have streaks.  

Also, It has SPF15, which is good for daily skin care, but will cause havoc with flash photography, so plan wisely and maybe change it out for a normal moisturiser if you're going out or know you're gonna be somewhere with flashing lights.

I'd buy this in full size.  


Stayfree UltraThins.
Full Size: $4.29.  Not sure how many are in a full pack, I don't use this brand normally.

Personally, I don't understand why companies send samples of sanitary products.  I know they fit the "women" section of the bag, but I would rather have a voucher to go get a product that suits my needs rather than the actual product.  In saying that, most of the vouchers we get are for Australia, and we can't use them here in NZ.

Total value this month:  $51.99

Not bad!

Get your own one by clicking the image below.

Lust have it provides me with a box of goodies so I can provide you with $5 off!!


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