Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lust Have It: December!!

I had been delaying this post because we were missing a hand cream, and told it would arrive in the January box.

Well, Jan box is here, and no hand cream.

So here we go!

 Naobay Moisturising Peeling Brightening Facial Milk Scrub
Full Size: $27 (100ml)

Wow, they really tried to cram ALL of the words into this one, didn't they!

Things that say peeling always scare me.  Apparently the "peeling" is because of the lactose in the milk.
I haven't tried it.  I'm scared.


Not for sale.  Just for cuddles.

Full Size: $22

We were meant to get either "London" or "Shanghai".  I think I like these colours more!

The bronze and silver have some serious shine to them.

Swatches on bare skin in the order of the quad.  

The metallics have a great pop, but the two other colours are a little chalky.

Sorry for the shadow.  I used the four colours.  The brown in the crease, the white as a base, and the metallics in the inner and outer corners.  
I also used the chella highlighting stick under the brow.

I tried to use the darker brown colour as a liner by following the directions and putting the tip of my brush into water and then into the shadow, but when it was dry, it had a very pale chalky finish, so didn't really work as intended.

Used a plain black eyeliner instead.

I have very hooded eyes.

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals
Micellar Mini Wipes
$2.25 (Is this a full size mini or just a sample?  I don't know.)

Micellar water is the "hit craze" in the makeup industry.  It gets your makeup off in one sweep, and it is meant to be gentle on skin.

I've tried two others before, and these wipes just don't like my eyes.  I feel the burn!
They seem to be way wetter and soapier than putting micellar water from a bottle onto a cotton pad.

90% of me LOVES this brand.  10% of me doesn't like that it stings my eyes.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil.
Full Size: $24.50

Not sure what it's made from, but it seems very very creamy.  Blends out nicely and doesn't feel sticky.

If you were really pale, it would totally work as a concealer.  If you're into contouring, it would work as a highlight for your contouring.

 Unblended and blended.

Click the image above to get $5 off your first box!  They're pretty good!

Total cost is usually $19.95 a month + shipping.
Without the hand cream, we're looking at $75.75 all up.  Thats a decent investment!

Thanks Lust Have It for providing me with boxes every month.  I'm loving them!