Sunday, December 13, 2015

250 likes on Facebook!!

How exciting is that!!

Since OlliePop & Luci hit 250 likes on facebook, I'm giving away (by popular vote) a pendant!  This competition is open WORLDWIDE!!  

You can choose any of the pendants currently available on the facebook page!

These are just some of the designs!

It's simple to enter too!

Visit OlliePop & Luci and while you're there, you can like the page and pick what pendant you would like.

Entries are via RaffleCopter below :)

I will contact you via email when the competition has ended.

Good luck!! 

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

OCTOOOOOOBER!!!! Lust Have It!!

We got a pretty cool box this month.

The info sheet was emailed instead of included in the bag.

Does anyone want a post on "Things to do with a million pink mesh bags"?

Atkins Endulge Chocolate Candies.
Full Size: $9 (5 packets).  Sample Size: $1.80 (1 packet)

Looks like m&m's, tastes like m&m's... I'm sold.  Give me more of these.  

Flormar Nail Polish
Full Size: $12

It's a pretty bright pink.  2 coats for full coverage, and it dries quite quickly.  
I haven't worn it long enough to give it the chip test, and the smell when applying reminds me of dollar store nail polishes - but those ones tend to be the ones that last forever!

Bioderma Sensibio Light
Full Size: $32.99 (40ml).  Sample: $12.37 (15ml)

It has no fragrance and absorbs really fast.  I keep it in my hand bag because I'm guilty of not slapping the moisturiser on straight out of the shower. I think I would've preferred a slightly floral or scented aroma, but that's just me being picky.

Lust Have It Highlighter
Full Size: $29.95 (8gm)

I've never used a highlighter.  I used to use a bronzer, but I think I learnt the error of my ways (applying it heavily with no regard to what I looked like) and decided to leave the bronzing for the nights out.  

In that same regard, I don't contour at all.  Adding a highlighter to my non-existent routine isn't really a step I wanted to take.

Mine arrived a little beaten up in the mail - not as bad as the Mellow eyeshadow from a previous box!  

A subtle shimmer, very much brings and attracts light to the areas you apply it.  The formula was a little on the chalky side, but it blends out ok on the skin.  

Hair & Me Organic Oil Hair Treatment
Full Size: $19.95 (90ml)

This stuff is like a little bag of magic. 
I had to put it in the fridge till it reached a creamy consistency (oh, the perils of living in a warm climate) and applied about 4 good palm-fulls to my hair.  My hair is pretty long, so your results will vary.  

Bundled my hair on top of my head, waited the length of an episode of American Horror Story, and showered.

It says to wash twice with shampoo, and they really do mean it.  After one pass, it was still pretty oily, and even after two shampoos, my hair (to me, at least) still felt a little weighed down the next day.  It was very shiny and dare I say it, healthy looking!

The formula is pretty much edible - they're all natural oils and it smells like a coconut exploded on your head.  Pair it with a Cosmetic Kitchen Chocolate face mask and you'd smell like a bounty bar!

Pity it can't cure split ends.

Flormar Eyeshadow Quad 
Full Size: $30-50 (they didn't list the *actual* product because it could of been one of many many things).

I have hooded lids, so eyeshadows for me are either BOLD and out there, or pretty understated, because at the best of times, you can only see my waterline and just under my brow.  

I tried to do a couple of eye looks with this, but the black just overpowered everything.  The white turns translucent and shimmery, but doesn't give enough oomph to pull the heavier colours out of goth territory.

See what I mean about dominating?

Ahhh, the missing Skin Magic tea bags... wait... but there is only one?!  

After sending them a quick email, the rest will be in the November box.

With a value of $106.07, this is a pretty nice haul from Lust Have It.

Click on the image to get your own box.  You know you want to.  

Beauty box provided monthly by Lust Have It as part of their Affiliate program.  All opinions are my own.