Sunday, April 28, 2013

Disney Challenge: The Little Mermaid

Now, this one is meant to be about the movie, but I failed.  This is Ariel.  I'll just have to do something else when I have to do her again later.

She's all hair and tail.

 Vibrant red hair with an orange shimmer.
Kleancolor Metallic Orange, China Glaze Igniting Love, Mash 21.

Flashing scales reflecting the oceans waves. 
Sinful Colors Happy Ending, Green Ocean, Sally Hansen Lickety Split Lime, Mash 39.

Spangles from Bundle Monster.

It's prettier in person.  The spangles are more opalescent.

Disney Challenge: The Fox & The Hound

One of my favorite books as a child, one of the movies I never really saw.  I think I preferred the book.

The brown represents the Hound.  Dark brown fluffy droopy ears to complete the doggie.  The rusty red is the Fox, with pointy rust ears. 

Nailstar Nail art 2-way pens, Kleancolor White, Kleancolor Cappuchino , CR 32. 

My lines aren't straight, but I do like the fluffies.

It's abstract.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sample Bar: April Glam Box

I'm loving these boxes.  

This months stuff was all for being eco friendly, natural and smelling good.

This is going to be great to go on holidays/weekends away.  I can use the products and just refill with my own stuff when it runs out.  It's under 100ml so is ok to take on planes in carryon.  
The product sheet I got said it came in a 3-pack for $65, but the website doesn't have triples, just singles for $39.99.  Either way, for a sample, this is awesome.  They also gave us a $20 voucher for signing up to their mailing list, so I got me some hand and cuticle cream for $2.99 with free shipping!  SOLD!! 

I'm not a huge user of facial masks, but I might have to start.  I've amassed quite a collection.  These apparently can be used as a facial cleanser, an all over body masque, and treats cellulite while firming.  Maybe I should start using these... Hahahaha.
Full size is $28 for 200g, our sample was 21g for around $2.94.  
Get it from Sample Bar or Tailor Skincare.

I wonder how well these will go in my travel bag.  
You wet it, swipe it through your hair a few times in the shower and it leaves your hair looking stunning.  
The full size is $22 for 95g, but there is no weight on the sample, so I can only guess at it being somewhere between $5-$10 worth.  
We got a 15% off voucher, but I probably won't use it.  
If anyone is wanting to get some of this, let me know, and I'll flick you the voucher code. 

I'm slowly getting into the night-cream thing.  My only gripe is that its in a non-resealable package.  Avocado is good for your skin because its full of all those good oils that your skin needs, and the cream includes calendula which I personally LOVE in creams.   Its so relaxing.
Full size is 60ml for $62.50.  Sample was 5ml, $5.20.

This was only out of the package about a minute before I had it on me, on my sister, and thrown in my handbag for daily use.  I have been considering making something like this for a while, and I've looked into getting the containers, the materials and the oils to do so.  Knowing that it worked so well, I will look into making my own again.  
Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil.  
Full size is $10.95, and this was another full sized sample.  Samplebar has a heap of different scents on their page, so feel free to buy them all and give the ones you're not fond of as gifts - it's a decent present to have on hand for surprise birthdays!

Poor bunny didn't make it very far out of the box.  

They've been emailing us hints for Mays box.  I can't wait!

Anita's Grab Box

Anita was having a blog sale a little while ago, and she had some pretty reasonably priced polishes.  I said to her "I'll chuck you $50... surprise me."

She told me it was being sent via sea, gave me the send date and that it would arrive in around 30 days.  No problem, I said. 

Over a month and a half later, we deemed it lost, so she sent me a replacement package via air.  It came in less than 2 weeks, and I was ecstatic. 

 Cute bubblewrap!

 So happy with these.

Laffy Taffy!!

Berry & Bright, Gift Of Sparkle, Ho Ho Holly & Snowflakes.  

The three colours are scented (red: berries, blue: vanilla/baking, Green: pine/forest).  So good.  SO SO GOOD!

Heavenly Angel, Blush Diamond.

2 weeks after the bag of polish and candy arrived...

Yep.  Check that send date.  I received this on April 19th.  Exactly 3 months later.

 Nail art stuff + polish!!  I love the little glow in the dark stars so much.

All Hail The Queen, Magia, Admiravel.  

The Ludurana is scented, but no-where online can I find out what it smells like.  It's sweet... almost floral.

Bronzey coppery colour - no name.  F-bomb, Love Potion, Blu, Lite, Hi Res.

If anyone can name the bronze for me, I'd appreciate it.

 The Urban Decay had a bit of a rough time, but its still ok.  If it gets any worse, I can always try to superglue it.

 Glitter, striping tape, 3d roses, a bag of fimos, glow in the dark stars, and fimo butterflies.

This was amazing.  I was so shocked that the box arrived.  I will be sending her a package of stuff when I get some spare cash together.

Stacie RAOK'd Me!!

I joined a group on facebook consisting of a handful of bloggers/polish addicts etc called We Will RAOK You.  RAOK stands for Random Acts Of Kindness.  Stacie is a member of this, and is an admin of World Of Nailcraft.  I encourage everyone to join WON.

Happy birthday to me!  

 A rather large box arrived on my doorstep.

 I guess technically you could call them that...

 Open to box to reveal... another box?

 This is like pass the parcel, except I get to win the contents.

 Wow.  Just Wow.

 Why does this remind me of condom-wrapped-cocaine?  I'm not a smuggler, I swear!

 Emz gets to work unwrapping pretties.

 So... Many...

 Poor Mr Magnetic was missing his magnet :(

 I started just layering everything over each other.  Was a lot of fun.  

So awesome!
 Essie and Pure Ice under, with Sinful and Sally Hansen on top.

 Woah.  I am so stoked.  This was more than I could possibly ever imagine.


 Charged Up, Magnetic Force, Cop An Attitude.

Teal Steel, Showgirl Chic, Sunkissed, Lovebug, (green with envy snuck in there... That wasn't from Stacie), Ivy League.

 Da Bush, Penny Talk.

812098, 812094, 812083, 812114, 812007, 812116- Curfew.

 Lightening Bolt (Crackle), Igniting Love.

All About You, Green Ocean, Tokyo Pearl.  Show Stopping missed its photo opportunity.

Blasted Black, Blasted Silver.  Both are crackles.

 Club Cabaret, Mixing It Up.

 Labyrinth, Fractured Foil (Crackle), Outrageous.

Top Coat (this is fabulous), Invitation Only, Sparkling Sapphire, Crush On Lava.

 And the card was gorgeous.

I love you too, Stacie (and the girls from World Of Nailcraft)!!!!  

There will be plenty of manis to come from this, and you can be sure that I will use the pure ice to stamp my heart out.