Friday, September 27, 2013


I ordered a bunch of stuff from Dresslink.  I got the email from them, and ordered some foils, a wheel of 1mm rhinestones, some hair curlers and a wig for cosplay.

The foils!!

65 rolls.  It would be 70, but they were out of stock of some of them.

Pretty Sakura flowers!

Trying out various top coats - fastdrys will crinkle them, so this is one coat of glue over the top, then quickshine over the whole lot.  Matte one half, gloss the other, just to see what would happen.

Matte and gloss

Glue + quickshine = holo goodness!!

A whole bunch of pretty colours and finishes.

And for my challenge mani:  Holo patterns!

 Investigation into the staying power of various top coats over foil:

Silver: Little finger is glue, foil, glue, jordana quickshine. Middle finger is glue, foil, rimmel matte top coat (not fast drying, so I wanted to see if it would crinkle. Instead of crinkling, it dulled the holo to the point where you could only see the grey pixels). Index is glue, foil, glue, half jordana quickshine, half rimmel matte. 

So, other than a very slight dulling of the holo on the shine side, putting glue, foil, glue then quickdry is a decent hold. 

The gold is the remains of the foils from last night. I slapped some topcoat over the tips before I went to work, and they just wore off progressivly as the day went on.

Base coat, julep sienna, glue, foil, then top coat on the tips. 

Interesting note: The glue over the polish stayed sticky all day (tacky to the touch), but the glue over natural nails (no base, no polish) only moved on the non-quickshine samples.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sample Bar September Box

Something strange is happening in the NZ beauty subscription box world.

My Samplebar box arrived, and upon my opening it, I experienced a sense of deja vu.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Maybelline BB Cream... Haven't I seen these before?


Maybelline New York Dream Pure BB Cream.
Full Size $19.95 (30ml).  Sample: $4.65 (7ml - 1 week sample).

Instead of copy/pasting from my last post; I haven't used more than half a pouch yet - I hardly ever wear makeup, so I might start wearing it if I feel the need, seeing as I now have more than a week or twos worth.  Considering I use half a sample, 14 samples should last me a month.
From Chemists, Farmers, Kmart, The Warehouse.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Blush Scented).
Full Size $7.99 (50ml). 

I actually tried this brand and scent, and it was a little too sweet for my liking.  My friend is a flight attendant, so I gave it to her as part of her carry on essentials.  I gave my sister the 2nd one.
Get it at Department Stores, Chemists and Grocery Stores.

Yon-Ka Ultra Protection SPF25 Sunscreen.
Full Size $49.90 (50ml).  Sample: $4.99 (5ml).

Sunscreen!  I'm looking forward to this one when the sun starts coming up a bit more.  This is a tad easier to throw in the handbag to touch up the face during the day.  
Get it from Beauty Sense, or ring 0800 555 630.

Obiqo Restoring Night Cream.
Full Size $49.50 (50ml).  Sample: $9.90 (10ml).

I have a soft spot for Obiqo.  Their facewash was so good that I'm willing to give the night cream a try.  
Come get me, wrinkles!!
Available from Obiqo Skincare.  

Evolu Protective Day Cream SPF15.
Full Size $54.99 (75ml).  Sample: $14.66 (20ml).

Evolu is another one of those brands that I love.  I'm almost out of the handcream I bought from their website, and I'm still waiting for the best time to use the travel tower.  
This will also be thrown in my handbag, because I'm prone to doing my makeup and moisturiser on the bus.
From Evolu.  

Broadway Real Life Nails.
Full Size $21.99 

I'm trying to grow my nails out, so I might not use these, but I know people who will!   I have a certain lady who is dying to get her nails done, but has nothing to paint.  I might put these on her and see what she thinks!
From selected leading pharmacies and department stores.

Total value for this box: $64.18.  There is a voucher code for $20 off evolu, but I might email them and see if I can still use it, seeing as I'm already subscribed.  

Yes, I understand that we have very few sub box companies in NZ... In fact, I'm probably subscribed to the only two.  I understand that they have to produce seasonal boxes to suit their customers.  I understand that they probably get the companies coming to both them at one time saying "use these this month" and they have to, hence the doubled up products.  

I love having these around, and I have tried and recommended so many new things to my friends.  I'm slowly working my way through the stuff I've amassed, and anything I won't use, I'll gift to family and friends.

Subscribe to Sample Bar.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goodiebox August Box

I'm loving my Goodie Boxes.

This months one was a week late - they had some technical issues regarding water damage.

My sister was overly eager to get into it, so no unboxing pictures, unfortunately, but it contained the usual pink tissue and shredded confetti.


SebaMed Face & Body Wash.
Full Size $21.99 (200ml).  Sample: $4.39 (40ml).

I got two samples (both 20ml) and used it a few times in the shower.  Its just your stock standard gentle cleanser.  It does what it says on the box.  

Puretopia Instant Moisturiser.
Full Size $25.99 (50ml).  Sample: $4.15 (8ml).

Haven't used these yet because, honestly, I have a LOT of moisturiser, and I tend to steer away from single-use sachets, purely because I never use the "recommended" amount and will alway use a smaller amount than needed.  Once I run out of the current one I'm using (I'm still on the tiny sample bottle from Samplebar) I'll transfer the contents into that container.  

Product looks good though!

Maybelline New York Dream Pure BB Cream.
Full Size $19.95 (30ml).  Sample: $4.65 (7ml - 1 week sample).

Again with the non-seal-able packets!   I don't know if you're meant to use the whole 1ml each day, but I hardly ever (and I mean hardly ever) wear makeup.  I used literally HALF a sachet on my face and still felt like I was wearing caked on makeup.  

Yes, it reduced my redness, and it looked pretty natural, and I'm sure that my skin would benefit from the salicylic acid (10 points if you know what its 'common' name is - leave me a comment if you know).  Maybe I'll start wearing it more.  It's cheap enough at any rate.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Blush Scented).
Full Size $7.99 (50ml). 

I have a tonne of dry shampoo now.  I bought some, then got 2 cans in quick succession.  It's always the way, aye.  You buy something and then, kablam, you get it in the mail a week later.

It smells good, and it's small enough to go in the handbag.  

Great for nights out when you're going to be away from water for a while, or going to be getting hot or sweaty.  It'll soak up the excess oil, leave a gorgeous fragrance and make your hair a bit more bouncy.

Revlon Nail Enamel (Plum Baby).
Full Size $22 (10ml). 

Love it or hate it, Revlon is here to stay.  It's not cruelty free (good going, China... making companies test on animals is meaniepants) but they have a large range of products.  

This is a pretty interesting shade.  It's a berry/plum/pink shade with a hint of blue undertone.  Despite the pinkness, its a very neutral shade on the nail.  Not outrageous, not "grandma" toned, but I'd be able to rock it at an office interview with no problems.  

Dear Revlon, please stop testing on animals.


Stila Glaze Lip Liner Pencil (Brown).
Full Size $38.00 (1.2g).

"Why would anyone want a brown lipliner?" I hear you ask... 
To go with the brown lipgloss from the last box!  

The colours are surprisingly close, and I would wear this if I was going out to dinner at a posh restaurant.  Classy.  

Pair it with the Revlon Plum Baby polish, the Astor lipgloss and eyeshadow from the last box, and your favourite LBD, and you've got a killer combo right there.

Home Essentials Friars Balsalm.
Full Size $10.99 (50ml). 

Just what every household needs:  antiseptic liquid.  

I wonder if this would work on animals for cuts and scratches? 

Wikipedia says that it is good for increasing grip on adhesive bandaids, lightening and brightening the skin, adding to cleansers and other interesting things

Goodie Box August Box 
Total cost:  $24.90.  Total value: $92.17

Woop!  Thats more like it!

This month brought some good stuff, stuff that I was wanting to try without the commitment (BB Cream) and some polish (YAY!).  The Friars Balsalm will come in handy because I am a supreme clutz (seriously, ask anyone... I carry bandaids on me as a general rule).  

Can't wait for the next box!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sample Bar August Box

Box for August!

This came at just the right time.  I was heading off on a week long holiday, and got the package the morning I was to leave, so naturally, I took it with me!

It had just what I needed for my week away - Shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, moisturiser, lipgloss and even some tanning gel!  I didn't use the mask, but i would of had I felt the need for even more luxury.

Obiqo Gentle Face Wash.
Full Size $29.50 (100ml).

Available from Obiqo Skincare.  

I used this for a week and loved it.  About a pea-sized amount on a soft scrubber - my skin was so soft and smooth.

Nimue Rejuvenating Mask.
Full Size $91.00 (60ml).  Sample: $18.19 (12ml).

Get it from selected beauty salons, or go to Global Beauty to find your closest stockist.

I haven't used this yet, but I sure will!

Angel Professional Shampoo & Conditioner.
Full Size $23.50 (250ml) each.  Sample: $9.40 (100ml) each.
You need to email to find a stockist, or call (07) 847 8350.

This.  THIS.  It smells good, it makes your hair feel good, and its a decent product.  My only gripe is the bottles.  The square bottles are just no good.  Otherwise, 10/10 for the product.

I Love Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss.
Full Size $9.95 (15ml). 

Available at Life, Unichem, Amcal & Radius Pharmacies nationwide.

Not my favorite product, but something for the handbag.  Its a bit gooey and sticky for my liking.  Tastes ok though.

Le Tan Tanning Gel.
Full Size $22.99 (150ml).  Sample: $5.36 (35ml).

Get it from Samplebar.

I didn't use this, thought I'd leave it for summer and use it when it starts getting too hot for pants.  

Nat. Restore Moisture Cream.
Full Size $55 (50ml).  Sample: $5.50 (5ml).

From Nat. Skin Care.

The sample for this is small, but its lasted well.  I've used a pea-sized amount each time and its done my whole face.  Still going strong!

Total cost for the box is $24.99 and this months samples were worth around $79.30. Stepping up its game!  The last few months have been less than ideal, but this time its pretty good.  Get your own one from Sample Bar.

Happy for this to continue!