Monday, March 23, 2015


I've been wanting to do a dupe post for a while.

In my years of collecting it is inevitable that I end up with similar colours.

Which is which?!

Can you guess?

Pointer: OPI - Just Spotted the Lizard (3 coats)
Index: Color Club - Editorial (2 coats)
Ring: Revlon - Gold (3 coats)

All top coated with Jordana Quick Dry.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

365 Days of colour: day 35

 Day 35


Metallic Orange and Metallic Brown.

I love the brown colour.  Its only available as the mini in the 6-pack collection, so its one that I don't use often.  They have a rich depth to them.

 Stamped with Color Club Cosmic Fate & BM 233.

Love the holo flash.  

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lust Have It: January bag!

Lust have it had some problems with their shipping and packing department, so the January bags didn't get out till February.  

Lets get on with the pretties!

Another pink mesh bag.  I'm getting so much use out of these.

Onto the products:

Designer Brands Chubby Lipstick Crayon - Dollface
Full Size: $7.99

I love this colour.  Its slightly less intense than it looks on the swatch, but has a lovely pigmentation.

Urban Skincare Co Infuse Body Balm
Full size: $12.95 (100ml), $35.95 (500ml)
Sample: $4.78 (35ml)  

I did some extreme maths for that one.  

The balm has a citrus scent, common with the addition of vitamin C in products.  It absorbed quickly and didn't leave a residue.

Small enough to throw into a hand bag, I'd use it for my hands and cuticles because it is designed for dry skin.

Marsk Certified Organic Eye Liner - Pitch Black
Full Size: $33.50

It's a smooth formula, and smudges out quite easily for a smoky look.

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow - Mudcake
Full Size $24.95 (1.2g).  Interestingly enough, $22.50 on the website.

On the website this looks like a flat brown tone.  On the skin and in the tub, however, it is a medium brown with a bright green/teal flash.  I have a very similar colour in Bundle Monsters Forest Nymph.  

Swatches above show the product alone and over black.  You can see the brown pigment is more visible when seen from straight on, whereas the green takes over when over black or from an angle.

Comparing to Black Comedy, the other mineral eyeshadow from Marsk that I've received, I must say that this one had a much smoother formula.     

Beau Box mineral foundation in Nearly Nude.
Full Size: $20 (6g)

I tend to shy away from foundations that I get in boxes, mainly because I don't get the option to pick my own.  

This one is designed to work with "most" skin tones.  It seemed to match me quite well, and I would hazard a guess to say it is somewhere on the sheer-medium coverage scale.  

I like that it has SPF in it - something very useful in NZ.

Colour by T.B.N - Pash Tasch
Full Size: $2.50

You know that smell that "cheap" nail polish has?  That kinda sharp plasticy smell?

Other than the aroma, the polish was smooth, and dried relatively quickly.  They call it a Fluoro... and I have no idea what colour to call it.  It looks coral in the bottle, it looks red on the nails, and it looks pink in some lighting.

The closest match I could find to it:  The red on the Canon boxes.

So bright, so wearable, and also a little distracting.

 Last but not least, vouchers.

I will probably never use the Urban one, so feel free to make use of the code.

If someone out there in Australia would like the Hello Fresh voucher, hit me up on facebook and I'll msg you the code on the back of the card.

Using all the makeup products from the box this month, and the Primer and Blusher from previous boxes, I put together this look for a friends birthday.  

I smudge the black liner up my lid and covered it with the eyeshadow, to bring out that green flash.  Then I re-lined the lids with the liner.

Thanks Lust Have It for another box.  Fingers crossed that the next one comes soon, and they aren't playing catch-up for the rest of the year!

Total cost for the Womans Box:  $19.95AU
Total value for this month: $93.72 (without the vouchers).

Lust Have It provides their Womans Box to me for free for review.  All opinions are my own.  

365 days of colour: day 34

Day 34!

I asked my friends what colour I should do, and Orange was the answer.

Gradient of Color Club - Fresh Linen (so gorgeously scented) and Color Club - Summer Love.

Both are solar colour change too!  The white turns into a shade of yellow, and the orange darkens.

Nails are stamped with Bundle Monster 233 and Kleancolor Black.

365 days of colour: day 33

Got my nails done by Cut Above again, because I like to support the students.

CND - Brigitte.

This is a polish that I got a couple years back at the Beauty Expo.

It was a little gluggy when I applied it, but a bit of thinner sorted it out for the 2nd coat.  
I love smooth nudes and neutrals.

Like an alchemist in his lair...

I mixed up a couple colours I'd had sitting around.

The first one is a christmas tree inspired green with a tonne of holographic gold glitter and a smattering of stars and hexes and dots to represent baubles and decorations.

Oh Xmas tree is a medium green with a bit of texture from the glitters.

Another colour that I wanted to make, I had to play around with a bit.
It was meant to be a pale blue/mint colour with a duochrome shift and matching glitters, but it kinda... didn't.

It ended up chunky, and way more textured than I wanted.  And the more I played with it, the gluggier it got.

After thinning and reformulating, it works a little better.

Failtastic is a blue/green/purple colour with matching glitters.

This is what happens to labels when you try to clean the bottles after spilling base.

At least the aftermath looks pretty.

Oh Xmas Tree and the mini & large versions of Failtastic are available on my facebook page.