Saturday, March 30, 2013

Massive Manis!

Massive post today.  Lots of pretty manis.

Hoping I remember the names of them!

L.A. Colors Static Electricity.  

Revlon Sweet Revenge duo & Kiss & Tell duo.  L.A. Girl Uninhibited over it all.  I love this topper.

Sinful colors Cinderella, Lets Meet, Candy Coated.  Uninhibited topper.

 Sinful Colors Ice Dream with a cute fimo kitty!

 Kitty did not want to come off.

 CR White, Beindulged light and medium blue.  Jordana Picture Perfect Pink.  BM Plate (201 I think).

 CR White, Beindulged light and medium blue.  Color Club Perfect Mol-Ten, Angel Kiss on accent.  Jordana Express In Yellow, Beindulged blue. Silver leaf foil, Color Club Cloud Nine (I think).

 Color Club Cold Metal, Blue Heaven. 

 Kleancolor Mango Burst, Sangria Burst, Jordana Creative With Orange.

Sinful Colors Sugar & Spice, Daredevil. Jordana Picture Perfect Pink, Contemporary White

 Color Club Harp On It, Angel Kiss.  BM Rhinestones.  This is a guys nails!  He has such long nail beds.  So envious. 

Another of my boys.  Color Club Blue Heaven on thumbs, JulieG Blueberry Fizz, Mash Fruit Punch, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Color Club Cold Metal.   After a weekend of diving and caving, the fruit punch nails are still scented.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

SampleBar March Glam Pack

Oh I love mail.  Nail mail, snail mail...

...Beauty mail!

March Sample Bar box

So many awesome items in this one.  Once again, great value.  The website says 5 products, if you count the voucher, they sent out 7.

This cream feels so soft, and smells so good.  And its all natural!

Full size: 125ml, $79.95.  Our sample: 15ml $9.60.  Go to Ayurda Dew Drop Moisturiser and take the quiz to find your skin needs.

I think I'll get good use out of this.  The mascaras I use tend to be a bit on the permanent side, so I'm looking forward to seeing how well this works.

Full size: 150ml, $84.00.  Our sample: 15ml $8.40.  From Dermalogica.

Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder

As I'm just getting into the whole hair thing again, and I've gotten the hang of dry shampoo, it will be interesting to see just how much volume I can get into my choppy hair.  Full size too!

Full Size: 10g, $7.29.  Get it from your local supermarket, department store or pharmacy.

 Model Co Eye Define Black Eyeliner Pencil

Very smooth, nice and dark.  I'm not overly a fan of pencils, because I find that the cap sharpeners tend to break or ruin the product, but we'll see :)

Full Size: $26.  Seriously?  This thing alone is more than the cost of the whole box!  
Get it from Sample Bar.

 Spa Ritual Bath Salts

Hand, body, foot?  Well heeeeeeello baby!  You are going into my (borrowed) foot spa!  Might save a packet for when I get my cast off and I'll give my hands a soak too.

Full size: 220g, $47.99.  Our Sample: 2x 17g packets $7.40  Get it from Sample Bar.

 Bestow Beauty Powder

You're meant to eat this?  Well, ok! 

 Full size: 300g, $45.  Our sample: 10 grams $1.50.  
Can get this from Sample Bar or Bestow Beauty.

Special gift from the gods!  Totally redeeming this bad boy!   1 set of accent lashes worth $65 for FREE!!
Couldn't find them on the Cerise website, but they seem to do other lashes too.

Total value IN the box, $60.19.  If you include the voucher, $125.19.
Considering I pay $25 for the box, I'm impressed.

Disclaimer:  I paid for everything you see here, nothing in life is free except smiles... and bird poop...  and this is my honest review of all the products received for the month of March 2013.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

stuff and things

I guess its been a few days.  

First up:

Naked nubbin nails!

I got this buffer from K-Mart, and its like the Revlon instant shine buffer, but cheaper.

Dulled nails

Index done

Shiny nails!


Katherine was talking about her L. A Colors lemming being Candy Sprinkles, so I have to tease her a little.  It's not often that I have something that someone else wants.

My two favourite colours so far from L A colors:

Power Outage & Goddess.  

Goddess is the perfect neutral nude with holo hexes, and Power Outage is a crazy purple/red/magenta crelly glitter hybrid. 



The words most photogenic cat strikes again!

Awwww... look at that tongue!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Revlon Moon Candy

I took part in a swap group over February, and my wonderful swap buddy, Cherie, gave me some awesome polishes.

 Milani Gems, Revlon Moon Candy x 2, Sally Hansen Lustre x 4.  Stoked! Look how gorgeous those sally hansen ones look!  They're not even released here yet!

Revlon Moon Candy is a dark creme and a flakie/textured topper.  

 Galactic Blue, Orbit Purple. No cleanup because it was hard enough to do this as it was.

The colours are just different enough to be different.  A purple/blue glitter for the purple base, and an aqua/turquoise glitter for the blue base.
The flakie toppers are not the easiest to apply - the brush doesn't seem to grab enough of the flakes, and you really do need to dab instead of brush for them.  
I used one coat of base, one dabbed coat of flakes, then one coat of sally hansen no chip top coat.  
Once it was dried I gently buffed down the spiky bits and applied a second top coat.  
Its still textured and a little lumpy, like moon rocks should be, but not all spiky.

Prettier in real life.  

Awkward camerawork courtesy of a cast.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Glitter and Louboutin

New cast on friday, and because I had painted my nails prior, the doctor matched the cast to my nails.

Kleancolor Bikini Green & CR 46.

And because I'm actually getting some length in these puppies:

Kleancolor Grape Burst

Louboutin-ish nails!

So, 5 weeks in this cast.  I get it off on the 5th april, then I have physio, and I'm back at work at the end of april.

Sterling, your driveway sucks.