Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney Challenge: The Lion King

This one was harder.

I used so many polishes that I'm not going to list them all.  There is a bit of china glaze, CR, Kleancolor and Sally Hansen.

Thumb to pinky:   Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Rafiki, Zazu.

I love this handcream.  Cost me $2.99 cause I had a $20 voucher and free shipping!

Disney Challenge: Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast

 This one was a little easier.

The yellow dress is Jordana Yellow Dazzle with Chichi Magnetic Yellow stamped over the top using a mash plate.  The Beast is CR 32 (I think), CR 31 (maybe?) and Kleancolor Cappuccino fanbrushed.  Rimmel Matte top coat on the Beast.

Disney Challenge: Tangled.

I know I'm posting these in the wrong order now, and for once, I just don't really mind.

At least they're up, right?


Purple corset is Sally Hansen Lively Lilac with Chichi purple magnetic and mash stamp, hair is CR 31 I think with SH Lightning stamped over the top with another mash stamp, and the lanterns in the sky are chichi magnetic blue with picture polish Ruby Blu over the top.


Sample Bar May Glam Pack

Yay!  I'm still in love with Samplebar.  

It doesn't seem like a lot, in fact, this is probably the least amount of stuff I've had in one of these boxes... but these 5 little samples is worth a whopping $113.86 (depending on how you price the perfume).

 Clinique All About Eyes

Going in my "I've had a bad day and I need some rescuing" pile.   

Full size: $79 for 15ml.  Sample: $26.33 (5ml). 

Lancome Hypnose Custom-Wear Volume Mascara

I only got to take photos of this before my sister snaffled it.  Its ok, I have a Julep one that I love and a Mabelline (I think... I went to check, and you know what?  The damned thing has grown legs and walked!  Its a dark pink tube with a green end? Waterproof.) one that I use for going out.  

 Full Size $58 for 6ml.  Sample: $19.33 (2ml).

 Viva La Juicy Eau De Parfum Spray

I like this perfume, but its not something I would buy for myself.  It's muskier than I thought it would be.  

Full size: $104 (30ml), $145 (50ml), $195 (100ml).  Sample (this is where it gets tricky): Between $2.92 and $5.20 depending what you're basing your full size one.  (1.5ml)

 Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum (Elizabeth Arden)

Another to add to the "soon" pile.  
Full size: $299 for 50ml.  Sample: $29.90 (5ml)

 Shiseido Pore Smoothing Corrector

Apparently you put this under foundation and it makes you look even.  Its something I'll have to try when I'm heading out for the night - I don't wear a lot of makeup all the time.

Full size: $66 (13ml).  Sample: $25.38 (5ml).

We also got a $10 voucher for Life Pharmacy.  

You can get any of the products here from your usual department store, or your nearest Life Pharmacy. 

I got this around mothers day, and there was really nothing in it that my mother would like besides the perfume, and it seemed a bit silly just to give her a sample of perfume, so I got her something else.