Tuesday, January 27, 2015

365 days of colour: day 25

Day 25!

I cheated a little.

Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Blingtastic

Totally not recycling the same mani.  Pfft.  Who would do that?!


365 days of colour: day 24

Daaaaaaaay 24!

Color clubs for life, yo!

Color Club - Port-folio
Accent:  Color Club / Ruby Wings - Fate

I love love love love this purple.  And you know how they say its impossible to photograph a duochrome?  Its Freaking Impossible.

Its a shimmery grape purple with an emerald green flash.

365 days of colour: Day 23

Day 23

Hitting the Color Clubs still.

Color Club / Ruby Wings - Fate
Accent: Color Club - Port-Folio

Its meant to be a strong colour change, but its not.  At least on me. I get maaaaybe a few shades darker, but not enough to be obvious.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

365 days of colour: Day 22

Day 22!!

A black glitter!

Be Indulged - Black Star

These polishes have no names, so I named this one myself.  I always have issues with dark colours and their applications.  It's a pretty awesome colour - the black base evens itself out nicely and the glitters peek through.

365 Days of colour: Day 21

Day 21.

Still on the greens, and the color clubs.  

Color Club - Rule Breaker

2 coats.

I have a thing for metallics.  This is a dark teal with a deepness to it that works really well.

365 Days of Colour: day 20

Day 20

Another Color Club from the Poptastic collection.

Color Club - Warhol.

Three coats.  It has the same thin application & waxy finish as the rest of the Poptastic range.

From memory there are 4 pinks in this collection in the same family.  They are all neon pink bases with different tones.  Warhol is probably the most true pink in the neon range.  

365 Days of Colour: Day 19

Day 19 is a gorgeous teal.

Color Club - Edie

This is 3 coats. Application is thin, but dry kinda waxy.  I've found that most of the Poptastic collection has a semi neon matte finish.  The also apply quite sheer.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

OlliePop & Luci: New Arrivals!!

Guess what!

My first shipment of Fold Over Elastic (FOE) arrived so I've been a busy little beaver making hairties for the store.

FOE is perfect for hairties and other accessories because it won't get tangled in the hair, is comfortable to wear on the wrist, and won't break when its stretched.

10 Colours (so far!)
- Cream
- Black
- Neon Pink
- Neon Green
- Pumpkin Orange
- Red
- Baby Blue
- Pastel Yellow
- Violet 
- Silver

I've tied them in two ways - the traditional knot tie, and a bow knot.

Bow Knot 

I'll be selling them on the site soon - if you want them plain, I can do that now, otherwise in a couple weeks I have small silver charms coming to attach to the knots - gives them a bit of interest if you wear them on your wrist or in your hair.

4 for $2 (plain), 4 for $2.50 (with charms).

I can't wait to order more elastic!  

365 days of colour: Day 18

The other half of the matchy-matchy:

And a perfect example of why you top-coat your stamping before doing housework, specially if you haven't taken photos already.

Peach: Sally Hansen - Get Juiced
Yellow: Sally Hansen - Lightening
Stamping: BM 317 + Sally Hansen - Snappy Sorbet

Snappy Sorbet was the closest colour to Get Juiced that I could find in my stamping polish collection.

365 days of colour: day 17

I chose to do another matchy-matchy mani today.  

I always find yellow to be the most pedantic colour.  

You can see that I bunged up the pointer finger. 

Yellow:  Sally Hansen - Lightening
Peach: Sally Hansen - Get Juiced
Stamping: BM 317 + Sally Hansen Lightening

365 days of colour: Day 16

The other half of the previous post!

In honour of Rooster Sheep (the NZ fangroup for Rooster Teeth) turning 4, we went bowling.

Blue Team!

Base:  Sinful Colors - Endless Blue
Ring finger: OlliePop & Luci - Blue Team
Pointer finger: OlliePop & Luci - RvB

365 Days of Colour: Day 15

Friday was bowling day, so I waited to do days 15 and 16.  

I went with the lovely people from Rooster Sheep, a group for NZ fans of Rooster Teeth (the Austin production company who do a tonne of internet/youtube stuff).  

We'll start with the Red Team.

Base is Urban Decay - F bomb
Ring finger: OlliePop & Luci - Red Team
Pointer finger: OlliePop & Luci - RvB

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

365 Days of Colour: day 14

Starting on the Sinfuls.

A bright pink with a semi-matte finish, not unlike a cross between a neon and a cremeshine.

It has a slightly mauve flash.

Needs to be worn over a solid base white, or you need 3-4 coats for opacity.  You can see the nail line on these, and its a lot more visible in person than in this photo.

Sinful Colors - Bikini

365 Days of Colour: day 13

Lucky 13!   

Today I have a deep green metallic colour.

The formula is a little sticky, and it likes to drag the first coat if you don't work quickly.  

Sally Hansen - Invitation Only

Sunday, January 11, 2015

365 Days of Colour: Day 12

Day 12!

Another Color Club because I have a tonne of them.  

Color Club - Model Behavior.

I'm loving the bronze colour.  It quite literally glows in the sun.  

365 DoC: Day 11


So much better.

Revlon Dark Pleasures - Blacker Lacquer

Its a smooth, very nice polish with a subtle silver shimmer.  

365 days of colour: Day 10

Day 10!

Going for something a little more high-end this time.

Butter London - Stag Do with Milani - Gems as accent.

It has a subtle green/blue shimmer.

365 Days Of Colour: day 9

 Day 9!

Summer calls for UV polish.

Color Club/Ruby Wing - Poppy with Milani - Gems on accent.

It turns a gorgeous shade of blood-red in the sun.  

Smells like its name.  A heedy sweet floral scent.

Lust Have It: December box!

I love getting these boxes.  

There is something so exciting about getting Lust Have It in the mail, and I have so much fun experimenting with the goods.

This month:

A gorgeous red and gold bag, specially for Christmas!

Onto the products!

Designer Brands Extend a Brow
Full Size: $12.99

I got the colour Light/Medium, and as I'm dark haired, I will most likely pass this onto my sister who is more fairer than I. 

(ignore the unkempt eyebrows...)

It has an interesting texture.  It reminds me of those fibre extension mascaras but without the adhering gel that comes with them.

Yea.  I'm gonna give it to my sister.  

Inika Pure Primer
Full Size: $60 (50ml).  Deluxe Sample: $36 (30ml).

Pure Primer contains avodaco, apricot and is certified organic.  That sounds like it should be amazing for your skin, and because its going on before any makeup, its going to have to be good for you.

With my new job starting soon, I'll be wearing more light makeup, so this will get a workout.

Lonvitalite C1 Mask
Full size: $9.95 (1 mask).

I'm a little wary of things that "whiten" skin.  I think in the back of my mind I have this idea that it will remove all the pigment from my face and leave me looking albino.  I know that's not going to happen, but still, the fear remains.

I'm all for trying anything once though!

The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Bath Salts
Full Size: $18.50 (200gm limited edition size)

Raw Cacao and rock salt.  How could this go wrong?  Luckily for me I have a nice big bath, so I can give these a proper test.  

Don't have a bath?  They make awesome foot soaks as well!

The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Clay Mask
Full Size: $24.95 (50gm) 

So, you're soaking in the bath, and you're surrounded by the aroma of chocolate... how about putting it on your face too!  

Either mix the clay + chocolate powder with some avocado and oil to make a seriously moisturising mask, or mix it with water and apply.  

Now, where's my chocolate martini to sip while I soak?!

I liked most of the stuff in this box.  I would of preferred something more Christmassy, like a sparkly nail polish, a seasonal lipstick or an item of jewellery to wear instead of the whitening mask.  A SPF30+ product would of even been nice, considering where we are and what season it is.

Total cost of the box: $19.95
Total value this month: $102.39.

Go to Lust Have It to get your own boxes.  They don't do just a beauty box, they do some other ones as well that are just as awesome.

*******************   DISCLAIMER  *******************
These boxes are provided free for review.    

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

365 days of colour: day 8


And a little bit of sparkle.

Revlon Passionate Fruit is a red-toned purple with a sweet fruity scent.  
Due to the scented oil, it does take a little longer to dry than standard colours.

Ring Finger is Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple. 

These colours are gorgeous, and I love the duochromeness.  But the dry time.  Oh gosh the dry time.  It takes FOREVER.  Hence the wrinkles.  Not only does the base take forever to dry, but it re-activates the base colour to such a degree that it takes everything with it if it moves.  
Every part of me wants to use a 2nd coat for a greater colour payoff, but I couldn't stomach the thought of waiting another hour for one coat to dry.

365 Days of color: Day 7


Red with glitter.

Red with glitter and texture.

That's what we got today.  

OPI Liquid Sand in The Impossible.  Ring finger: Color Club 60sec top coat.  Other fingers: Rimmel Matte Top Coat.

This was such a lemming polish for me.  I tried for ages and ages to find it, but could never bring myself to pay $25 for it.  When a friend had it for sale cheaper, I bought it.  

And I love it.  I find the texture to be a little extreme on the OPI polishes - I think when you have a solid base colour but only leave enough grit to make it gritty, it stands out as being TOO rough.  Top coat smooths it down to a more, gentle rough, as opposed to sandpaper rough.

Monday, January 5, 2015

365 Days of Colour: Day 6

Carrying on from day 5...

I swear I took both photos on the same day, at the same time, but my phone has issues.

This shows the true colour of both The Polished Kiwi - Envy and Who's That Girl - Pistachio.  

Is it cheeky showing two colours over two days?  

365 DoC: Day 5

My wrist has been plaguing me a little, so please excuse the brace.

The 5th and 6th have matching manis, because I was going to run errands and wanted to look slightly put together.

The spotty mint colour is Who's That Girl - Pistachio.

The shimmery blue/green is The Polished Kiwi - Envy.  

This photo isn't the greatest, I really need to find my camera.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

365 DoC: Day 4


This is Jordana - Purple Punch with a couple of different toppers.  
Thumb + ring finger = Max Factor - Fantasy Fire
Other fingers = tipped with NOPI - Heavenly Angel

The Jordana has a frosty sheen to it, but doesn't appear to show the brush-strokes as much as some frosts do.

I really need to find my camera, or get a new phone.  I'm so sorry for the grainy photos, guys.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

365 DoC: Day 3

Today is PINK!

Color Club MODern PINK.  

It's a weird formula.  You'd think it would be an opaque, one-coat neon-esc bubblegum pink, but the first coat was sheer, then the 2nd coat was sorta streaky, and the 3rd coat attempted to even it out a little, but I'm really not sure how well that worked.

It's a pretty colour though.

Friday, January 2, 2015

365 Days of Colour: day 2

Todays polish is a simple shade with a semi-gloss finish.  

Color Club - Cold Metal.

Works fantastically for stamping, and is a dark opaque blue with two coats.  
I'm loving the smoothness and the subtle metallic shine.

Accent nail is Revlon - Stunning over the gorgeous blue.  

(I was stupid and deleted a bunch of photos from G+, which in turn, deleted them from my blog.  I'll retake them and repost!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

365 Days of Colour... Day 1

My aim with this is to try, and discover, those polishes in my collection that I may have forgotten about.

One a day!

The first one up is less of a polish and more of a technique.  

Using foil is not a new thing, and I've done a blog post previously about different top-coats and wear-time.  My real problem was that some quickdry topcoats would dull the shine, dull the holo or wrinkle the whole thing.


I swapped some custom polish for a small LED lamp a while back, and my sister lent me her Bluesky gel top and bottom coats.  

I used a buffer to remove the shine from the nail, prepped with Salon Shield Adhesier, and applied two coats of base.  Once it was cured, I removed the sticky layer with Methylated Spirits, added a layer of Foil Glue, and when it was dry, rubbed on some holographic silver star and pink geometric foils from Dresslink.  Last step was to top it with the gel topcoat, and I applied two coats of that too, just for a bit more protection, capping the tips.  After wiping off the last sticky layer, my nails looked AMAZING.  

I had a few issues with the application of the foils on some of the nails, which I purely put down to novice application.  The glue not going on smoothly (it was an older bottle) left brushmarks on the surface, which translated to the foil's finish.  I had a couple of wrinkles and crinkles around the edges of the nails where my application could of been a lot better, and my rubdown could of been more consistent.  

Otherwise, I LOVE IT!