Monday, November 16, 2015

Lust Have It September bag!

Lust have it arrived!

I get these a week or so after of the first of the month, and I give them a month to test and trial all the products before reviewing them.

September's box came!

A fancy black bag for a change!

Bain Force Architecte
Full size: 250ml ($42).  Sample: 30ml ($5.04)
Masque Force Architecte
Full size: 200ml ($62).  Sample: 30ml ($9.30)

These smell like a salon, and make my hair feel amazing.  I can get maybe two uses out of each one.

White Glo Whitening Toothpaste.
Full Size: 150ml ($5.49).  Sample: 24ml ($0.87)

As far as toothpaste goes, it does its job.  It has a slightly baking-soda-y taste, which is common for a whitening toothpaste.  This is a perfect travel size.

I like it.

Ofra Lip Liner - Wine
Full Size: $19.99

Its interesting that we got given two lip products in one box.  This one is a nude lipliner on me, but it matches with most of my other nude/brown lipsticks.  

Your Tea Skin Magic Tea
Full size: 60 Tea bags ($35 USD).  Sample: 1 tea bag ($0.58 USD)

We were meant to get 6 tea bags, with one before food twice a day.  I'm going to wait until the other 5 show up before trying them.

UB Cosmetics Tint Stick - V
Full Size: $23

I actually love this product.  I love the applicator (its kinda like a brush, but its like a liner, and its like a felt tip), I love the colour and I love the lasting power.  It lasts at least 4-5 hours on me with minimal wearing.

By itself with one coat of product.  Adding a gloss or balm enhances the colour.

Designer Brands - Twist And Go.
Full Size: $4.99

Another product I'm loving.  It does just what its meant to do.  It takes most polish off in one swipe/twist, and it takes a little longer for glitters and heavy applications.  I haven't tried it on gel polish, but I get the feeling it would work on that too.  

Its meant to be berry scented, but I don't smell berries.

The sponge is interesting - its like a zigzag split in the middle of the sponge.

Just a couple swipes to remove metallic polish.  The first swipe got the colour off, and the 2nd/3rd got the residual metallic finish off. 

Not overly a fan of the drying of the skin.  This is a common problem with acetone based products.

This was a pretty cool box.  I don't understand the inclusion of two lip products, but I've had a good use of the red lip tint.

Total cost of the box: $19.99.  
Total value this month: $63.28

These are very much worth the cost.

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Box is provided by Lust Have It for review as part of an affiliate programme.