Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An update...

So, the 365 day experiment doesn't work with acrylic nails.

Usually I'd have an excuse to change my polish daily - after a day working in a stock room, my polish would be chipped and flaking.

I've had my current extensions on for almost 6 weeks now.  And the polish just lasts.  I can't justify removing and replacing an almost perfect manicure.  :(

I'm hoping to make use of my friends over the weekend to get a bunch done at once, and during my weekends, I'm going to endeavour to get at least a couple of manis a day out.  That should at least help me out a bit.

Sorry for the hold-up, guys.  

Lust Have It: February bag!

Technically its now April.

Technically I got this box half-way through march.

Lust Have It boxes are $19.95AU per month, and you get 5 (or 6) products.

On with the goodies!

Most of this months products were full size.  That's always a bonus!

Paula's Choice Skincare
Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
Deluxe Sample: $12 (30ml)

It doesn't smell bad, which is always a good sign.  I used it for a week and my skin didn't really notice much.  Maybe slightly less acne, but then again, I was using a variety of things at the time and I had a couple of really big pimples and less smaller ones.

Your mileage may vary.

Designer Brands
Black Liquid Eye Liner
Full Size: $8.99 (5ml)

It's your typical black eye liner.  I never really use black liquid liner unless I'm going out, cosplaying or experimenting with eye looks.

Designer Brands is a decent brand - commonly available in NZ from most chemists.  

I haven't worn it, so I don't know what the wear time is like.

Plum Lip Liner
Full Size: $2.95

Another pretty standard item.  I love a good lip liner, specially for the darker colours that tend to feather.  They can be worn alone for a matte look, or top with a matching lipstick for depth.  You can even mix it with a bit of gloss for a wash of colour. 

Ulta3 is becoming more common in NZ, but it's still a little hard to find.  

Natural Glamour
2GLO Line Treatment Concealer (medium)
Full Size: $27.95

This is something I can get behind.  The white Line Treatment side has a slight shimmer, designed to reduce the appearance of lines and moisturise the eye area.  The concealer reflects light and covers imperfections.

The colour is pretty good for my face.  This is swatched on my inner wrist (which tends to be one of the most pale areas of your skin, so matches your neck better than the back of your hand).  I wore it with a standard foundation and found no issues with it.

Natural Glamour 
Illuminating Foundation SPF 15 - Medium.
Full Size: $29.95

This I'm not too keen on.  For a "medium" foundation, this is really dark.  

I swatched it, and refused to put it on my face, purely because I didn't want to insult anyone by going out in public with black-face.

After contacting Lust Have It to see if I could swap the colour, they advised that the concealer + foundation duo were included so we could experiment and have fun with contouring.
The likelihood of me to ever contour, besides a wedding, is highly unlikely.  

I will pass this onto my darker skinned friends to try.

Verdict for this month:  It was ok.
$51.89 value for me, because I won't use the foundation.  
$81.84 for people who will use the foundation.

I would of preferred something else instead of the foundation and concealer.  

Maybe swap the concealer for a contour palette (2 light, 2 dark, suited for most skin tones) and the foundation for a beauty blender.  


Lust Have It sends me boxes for review.  Go to Lust Have It to get yours.  All my thoughts and my opinions are my own.