Friday, November 30, 2012

Stampy stamp

Had a friend over last night, and she did an orange base with the turquoise OPI shatter.  

Yea, these shatters didn't really impress me much, I have to say.  Looks good over the orange, but the cracking pattern just, isn't there.

 Kleancolor Metallic Black.  

 L.A. Colors Nail Art Silver over Metallic Black, BM plates 18 & 321.

Jo's Toes.
CR Mini 13, Kleancolor Black, Jordana Pop Art Creative With Orange.  BM 221.

Everything topped off with Jordana Quickshine.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Indulging the Beindulged.

Swatchy Swatches.

Seeing as I'm on a self-imposed polish ban (seriously, I will only be allowed to afford to buy more after February.  So sad.) I thought I would continue the swatches of unnamed polishes.

Beindulged "Mercury", a matte dark silver, Beindulged "Galaxy", a black cream with rainbow glitter sprinkles, L.A. Colours Nail Art Silver.  

I named the BI polishes myself, because they don't have names.  Poor unnamed discount polishes.  You can kinda see the glitter in the black one.  Its subtle but catches the light.

 So pretty.  I need to find names for them.  Any suggestions?

 Matte from Rimmel, Quick Shine from Jordana, L.A. Colors Jewel Tone.
 With shine topcoat and one line of the L.A. Colors Jewel Tone.
 Rimmel Matte top coat.  These look like the sugared almonds from a wedding.

 BM Plates, Kleancolor Black.  Nail Star 2-way paints.  

 CR Minis (L-R: 13, 18, 23, [Jordana Pop Art Express In Yellow], 8).  Nail Star glitters.

I have really weird toenails.  

I semi-organised the racks!  I need to decoratae and fill the 3rd rack.  Sorted vaguely by brand.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beindulged? Ok.

I was saying the other day how my polish just falls off... This is what happens. 

 This is Jordana Nails Be Long base coat, 2 coats of Kleancolor Black/White, then 1 coat of OPI Shatter Black/White then 1 coat of Jordana Quick Shine.

I dunno if it's the base coat or the top coat, but whichever one it is, it makes my polish come off in one bit, instead of chipping.  I could almost re-use these by gluing them back on.  Hahaha.  

Beindulged swatch time.  This is a pretty purple.  Still no name.  I'm gonna call it... Grape Candy. 
I think it was only 2 coats.  1 coat of Beindulged gold over ring finger.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why oh why, OPI?

 So, first and foremost, I'm a low-wage earning peon who lives off discount nail polish. 

When The Warehouse that I frequent had OPI shatter on clearance, I had to snap it up.  $5 for a $25 bottle of polish?  I think yes.  

So, I grabbed pink, turquoise, navy, blue, red, white and black.  And had to try them out.

Kleancolor White & Black with OPI White & Black Shatter.  

I was disappointed.

 The black was everything that I expected a shatter to be, and had smaller fractures than my BYS Quake.  

The white just... failed.  It looks more like that honeycomb-polystyrene netting that you pull off the bottles of spirits you get through the duty free than a shatter.  Do the other colours do this too?

I'm just glad I didn't pay $25 a bottle for it.

On Saturday I thought I would take some swatches of the random Beindulged (I keep wanting to type it Beinspired... no idea why) polishes.  

 Not wearing my splint.  Naughty naughty.

This one has no name.  Can I name it?  I want to call it Midas Touch.  It's semi opaque - this is 4 coats I think.  Shimmer, Glitter, an OK texture... I kinda liked it.  

Then on Sunday I went and did my mums nails.

 "I want glittery purple!"

 Jordana Purple Glam, L. A. Colors Nail Art Silver, BM microbeads and plates. Base: Jordana Nails Be Young.  Top: Jordana Quick Dry.

Still not overly fond of this purple.  I dunno what it is.  Maybe its just too pink for my liking?  Maybe its the bar glitter.  I think it has to be the bar glitter.

After stamping my mums, I had to stamp my own.

Kleancolor Metallic Black, BM plate.

This lasted a good 2 days before i lost a few nails at work, and just popped the rest off.  I dunno if its my base or my top, but instead of my polish flaking or chipping, it just falls off like a sticker.  Makes clean up easy!

I checked up with mum today (Wedenesday) and she has 5/10 nails left.  Considering she never wears polish, thats pretty good going.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Daylight shots

 Daylight shots of the colours from last night.

Had to show them with my new rimmel matte topcoat.  I love the rimmel brushes, they're cute and you can see the polish running down as you use it.  Does that make sense?

 L. A. Colors color craze Treasure Island.  My cuticles are shocking because I chewed on them at work.

 Jordana Hot & Spicy, L.A. Colors Color Craze Goddess, CR 23, L.A. Colors Color Craze Sassy Sparkle

 CR mini 36, CR mini 23, Beindulged Pink, CR 21 

 CR 33 on thumb.  You can see the difference and similarities between the thumb and finger.

 Pretty :)

 Luci-Furr the devil cat is recovered from her attack.  She's still regrowing her fur.  She has almost full use of her back leg - she climbs and runs, but after a while she starts limping, so I hope she doesn't overdo it.

Totally usual Auckland weather.  Raining on the porch.

 This stuff is awesome.  I used to bite my nails, so I tend to chew on my cuticles.  Hoping this will help me.

10 naked nails = 10 swatches :D

Nakie Nails! 

Gave them a breather and a day without polish.  My ring fingers are really munted. 

This is why I need to wear polish.  My nails just start peeling. 

 Base Coated!  Jordana Nails Be Long. This stuff is actually really good.  It seems to work for me at least.

 So much nicer already.

 Took a walk through the mall after work, picked up a few more colours.  The CR display at P+Q was fully numbered and almost fully stocked for once!  This will make it a tonne easier to swatch and collect.  Also went to Mega Choice and found, lo and behold, L. A. Colors 2 for $6.  How could you refuse?

All colours shown with 3 coats over base-coat only.  No top coat.  I'll take daylight pictures tomorrow.  :)

So sparkly and shiny.

 L. A. Colors Color Craze Treasure Island.  Its a little... Gritty.  But so sparkly!

 L. A. Colors Color Craze Sassy Sparkle.  Another rough polish.  Smoother than Treasure Island, with a smattering of holo glitter in a clear base.

 CR 23.  Purple/Blue duochrome.  

 L. A. Color Color Craze Goddess.  Suprisingly enough, I thought I would hate this polish.  Its not a colour I would usually buy, wear, or even like.  But the glitter swayed me.  The holo shows through in the hex glitters, and its a little jellyish.  Its growing on me as a glamorous nude.

Jordana Hot & Spicy.  More of an orange-red with a bit of a sparkle.  Pretty :)

 Another hand of colours

 CR 33.  Its a white/pink duochrome.  Very sheer.  Reminds me of a seashell.

 CR 21.  Same colour as 33, but it contains a sprinkle of purple shimmer along with the pink duochrome.  I was intending to put this over the 21.  

 Beindulged Pink.  This is one of those no-name brands from Kmart.  10 bottles for 10 dollars.  Its a darker barbie pink.  Not hot pink, not neon pink... more of a wearable pink.

 CR Mini 23.  Teeheehee.  I love these little bottles of joy.

 CR Mini 36.  This brown is awesome.  I actually bought another 2 browns so I can do a coffee french.  

 I also picked up CR minis 13, 14, 18, 19, 24, 32 and 34.  CR 39 and L. A. Colors Color Craze Jewel Tone.

Swatches to come!  I'm gonna do the beinspired ones too, because they have no name.  Does this mean I can name them myself?  Can I name the CR ones too?  

I also have a catalog of these polishes happening.  I'll scan it as I get it completed.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I have a very patient male.

He also has very short nails.

But he let me paint them, and it was fun.  I did a blue and green gradient, cause its his favorite colours.  

Beindulged Blue, Jordana Pop Art Define In Green, Beindulged silver glitter, Jordana nails be long base & quickshine topcoat.

Like CR colours, Beindulged has no website, no swatches, nothing.  But unlike CR, there are no numbers on the bottles.  I got 10 for $10 from Kmart, so I bought the two tubes of 10, and their "manicure/pedicure" set for $17, which came with 10 or 12 polishes, a file, some toe separators and some other stuff.

 Prettyness.  He is a very patient boyfriend.  I couldn't clean his cuticles properly.