Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Goodie Box May!

This is my final Goodiebox.  

I had to quit it due to uni - it just wasn't financially viable when I was getting better quality from Violet Box.

Ignore the marks on the card - I was using it for stamping when I had friends over.

Lipstick in a very pretty colour.  Its a blue-toned rose with a hint of duskiness.

I'd wear this.

NYC Ultra Last LipWear
Full Size: $18 (3.4g)

Huh.  Another lip product.

This looks like it would be a gorgeous lip gloss, no?

Not so exciting when swatched.

It has a chemically sweet smell, and is some variety of berry.  I think if I got right down into the guts of it, the colour might mix better.  It's also really sticky, which won't work for me.

NYC Kiss Gloss
Full Size: $15.50 (9.4ml)

 More MOR!!

This has to be the 3rd MOR hand cream I've gotten in a decent size.  I'm not complaining.  This stuff smells AMAZING.  I think I would like more MOR.  

I like Argan oil.  I like the smell (it's very floral and relaxing).  I've been using it a lot at the moment because its winter and cold, and my hand creams are getting a really big workout.

MOR Correspondence Argan Oil Handcream
Full Size: $35 (75ml). Sample: $13.99 (30ml)


And they're so small!

I'm not sure why you would give people foundation in a sample box.  There is no possible way of matching the right skin tone.  I would of loved a larger sample of the primer, and maybe a voucher for a colour matched sample of the foundation, because not everyone is a beige.

Dr Lewinn's Skin Perfect Primer & Foundation
Full Size: $45.90 (30ml).  Sample: $5.22 (4ml primer, 4ml foundation)

Makeup pads are useful.  Do they really belong in a sample box?  This is a waste of usable space in the box.  A sample pack of maybe 10 pads with a voucher would of been better.  

My photo failed.  So have a google image.

Swisspers Cotton Makeup Pads
Full Size: $5.69 (80 pads)

 And the most RANDOM item in a beauty sample box:


I will never use them.  This is a waste of space in a box.  A voucher for U products would of been a lot more useful.

U by Kotex Designer Series Tampons
Full Size: $5.50 (16 Tampons)


Total cost to me:  $29.95.  Total "value": $63.90.

Total USE to me: $37.68.  

The lip gloss is too sticky for me to use on a daily basis.
I will never use the tampons.  
I will not use the primer/foundation (there is no way to really even tell if there is a good match from a 4ml sample).  I can walk into a high-end store and get a colour matched sample from every stand there for free, and the samples would be a lot more volume.

Thats $25+ worth of stuff just... going to waste.  That's a WHOLE ANOTHER BOX!!  

I would of loved:

  • More Angel or Salon Sorbet.
  • Something from Lush (lemony flutter, a face product (cleanser or scrub) or a soap/bath bomb)
  • Eyeshadow in a shade other than brown.
  • Something chocolate.
  • A perfume roller-ball.
  • VOUCHERS!  I can get far more value from a product company (like swisspers or U or Dr Lewinn's) if I can pick my remover/feminine product/makeup colour.

So Goodbye to Goodie Box.

Thanks for the last year or so of service - some have been good, some have been not so good.  
Once I get outta Uni, I'll see how you're going and maybe pick it up again.  

Violet Box May!!

I'm loving Violet box so far.

They guarantee $60 value in each box.

As weird as this seems: this felt really nice on.  It was a little drippy and cold, but it smelt good!

Timeless Truth Stem Cell Extract Mask
Full Size: $6

This has mixed reviews.  Some people love it, some people hate it.

Its a glossy finish, which seems weird for an eyeshadow stick.  Everyone who sees it thinks its a lipgloss.

I haven't worn it yet.

Its very sheer.  And very gel-like.  Lasting power?  Maybe over a primer it might last.

CK One Gloss Eyecolour
Full Size: $26.50

And to go with the gloss eyecolour...

Adorn eyeshadow.  

Not sure if this is just my sample, but its a lil... clunky?  It feels like cocoa powder.  It feels like it should have some talc or something in it to make it finer.  There is just something... a little oily?  

Swatch over the CK One eyecolour gloss and underneath just by itself.
You can see the clumpy bits on the gloss.

Adorn Cosmetics Eye Create Intensive Shadow.
Full Size: $15 (15g).  Sample: $2.50 (0.25g)

Argania Oil!  

This is the first time I've had the light version.  The smell is the same as the original, and the sample size is the same.  

I did try it, and it was a lot of a less-oily product.  My hair didn't seem to feel as greasy as it usually does with the normal Argania oils.

A nice addition to the handbag or the travel bag - at 5ml it's not going to annoy any customs officers, but it'll add a sleek shine and a gorgeous marshmellow scent to hair.

Argania Oil - Light
Full Size: $37 (100ml).  Sample: $1.85 (5ml)

I've never tried a clear mascara.  I'm hoping that I can do a magic-lashes trick and layer this on my eyes a few times then coat with normal mascara for a plumped up look.  

I like that you can control how much product is on the brush using the squeeze barrel.

The information says you can use it to seal in pigments in mascara and tame eyebrows.

Lash Control Clear Coat Mascara and Brow Fix
Full Size: $26.


This looks exciting.

Because I'm doing a nail course, we have to learn all about the cuticles and the nails and all that lovely stuff.

I'm not entirely convinced that people know what "cuticle" actually is.  

The living skin at the base and sides of your nails:  Not cuticle.
The stuff that you scrap off gently because it grows WITH your nail:  Cuticle.

Either way, it contains keratin and silica.  

NS-5 Cuticle and Nail Complex
Full Size: $10

So there ya have it.  Another Violet Box for this month.

Total cost to me:  $29.95.  Total value:  $72.85.

I will use... pretty much everything I think at least once.  I'll use the clear coat on my brows and maybe my lashes if I want definition without the colour (I have pretty long lashes anyway).  I've already used the face mask.  The eyeshadow... might get used.  The gloss eyecolour I'll experiment with.

Yay for Violet Box!!