Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Peacock Pie Pendants!

The lovely gorgeous talented Serra over at Peacock Pie made us some stellar pendants!  

Excuse the weird camera angle, but she's got me in love!

All of the sparkle!

Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces

I got a huge amount of compliments while I was wearing it, and I just love it.  The length is perfect, the sparkle is eyecatching and the the polishes are incredible.

Her etsy store is overflowing with creations, so go and buy her stuff.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sample Bar October Box

One of my favourite times of the month.  

So many awesome things!

Pure Fiji Hydrating Guava Body Lotion.
Full Size $49 (350ml).  Sample: $2.10 (15ml I guess, there was nothing listed on it).

Get it from, ring 0800 PUREFIJI or check out your beauty resorts and spas.

Pure Fiji is a pretty popular product range here.  Most of the About Face and Beauty facial salons stock it.  It smells awesome, and I can't wait to use it.

Couleur Caramel Cream Eyeshadow Munnar Green.
Full Size $29.30.


I'm sure I should love this more than I should.  But I don't. I was never a huge fan of cream shadows, and having oily skin just made it more hassle that it was worth most of the time.  

More than happy to pass this on to someone who would use it.

Youngblood Vixen Mini Lipstick.
Full Size $43.50 (4g).  Sample: $10.88 (1g).


The perfect red lippy.  If I could make one complaint:  Its sticky to apply.  With use I guess the lipstick would get softer, but for now its ok.  It can live in my purse with the rest of the emergency going-out makeup.  

Rosehip by Essano - Gentle Foaming Cleanser.
Full Size $14.99 (140ml).  Sample: $6.42 (30ml x 2 bottles).

Get it from Countdown!  

Just in time!  I've been using the sebamed cleanser and I didn't really like it.  This stuff smells so good.  Can't wait to try it and see how it works.

Angel Orange Flower Shampoo and Hair Mask.
Full Size $39 (400ml each).  Sample: $ 1.56 each (8ml x 2 each).

Find your nearest stockist by emailing

I don't think I can praise Angel enough.  I love the conditioning spray.  I loved the shampoo and conditioner.

My hair isn't coloured, but its still going to be used :)

Dots Laundry Powder.
Full Size $6.99 (1kg - 22 washes).  Sample: $0.32 (1 wash).

Countdown, Pak n Save, New World and

How cute is this packaging!  This is gorgeous!  I just bought laundry powder, so I will save this for later.  Seems pretty economical.

Total cost for the box is $25 a month.  Value of this one: $52.14.  
Other than the shadow which I will gift, the rest of it is pretty awesome.

Get your own one from Sample Bar.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Nail haul pics are coming!

I haven't forgotten you all!  

Spring is here!

Trees have leaves, the sun is making everything crazy colours.

I've been really really busy with work recently, and just haven't had time to finish anything.

Except massive piles of binding...

In fact, I still have one day left for the Chalkboard nails challenge - I have yet to watermark them and refind the original photos.

Then I'll do a pretty little instagram post for you with all 31 days!

I'm still waiting on some stuff from Ebay to come in the mail - some nail art stuff and swatching sticks.

Been dabbling in some polish jewelery - I'll make a post about that later too.

Oooooh, the shinies!  

Had some really good fun with new and old friends.

Close shot!  We won this game with my epic pool skills (HAHAHA!!).

Drank some tasty cider.

 Took lots of random shots with cool people.  

Regular posts will resume soon, I'm not gone!

Keep an eye out after Armageddon for some amazing nail art and cosplay picture - I have business cards to hand out all professional-like!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Goodie Box!

I love getting these in the mail.  

Goodie Box generally comes through with quality items.  I love getting these sample boxes in the mail.  The addition of health products has been amazing.  I would never of gotten half the stuff myself, yet I now use it regularly.  

Wet N Wild Silk Finish Blush.
Full Size $7.95 (6.8g)

I am usually not drawn to blusher because I can never apply it properly.  This one is so light and soft that I might have to give it a go.

Le Tan Gradual Tan Gel.
Full Size $15 (150ml).  Sample: $3.50 (35ml).

Hmmm.  They're undercutting SampleBar by $8.  

Now I have two bottles of this, I can really get myself summer ready!  Just about to come out of pants at work, so this is well timed.

Iron Melts.
Full Size $11.90 (50 tabs).

Iron tablets used to be horrible.  They'd block you up, they were large and just annoying.
I could totally take these every day.

Broadway Nails - Lasting French with Tab.
Full Size $22.

I got these before, and they lasted a weekish.  I did get annoyed and tear them off, but that was my fault.
Time to give them another go!

Cover Girl - Lash Exact Mascara.
Full Size $21.95 (22g / 4ml).

Do you know how long I've wanted to try this but the price tag put me off?  Now I'm using a clinical one to grow my lashes, this will have to go into the hands of one of my friends.  

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask.
Full Size $3.50 (15ml).

Masks like these are good, you can slip them into your weekly pampering session without having to fork out a million dollars on a large container that gets forgotten.  

Can't wait to try this one!  It sounds amazing.

Freeman Facial Brightening Mask.
Full Size $3.50 (15ml).

Something else to add to my weekend girly sessions.  I think I have a few dozen of these now, but they're always useful and never expire!

Total for this month:  $64.30.  Decent amount of full sized and quite a range of items to get ready for summer.  

Get yours from Goodie Box, for around $30 a month.