Friday, January 17, 2014

BIG DAY OUT 2014!!! (Pic heavy)

THE BIG DAY OUT!!!!!!!   

The one-day festival of music, colour, and sunburn.  

Doors opened at 11am, we got there around 1pm after having a casual breakfast/brunch, waiting for people to arrive and just chilling.  

Walking down to the event was fun.  


Went for a wander around, saw a couple bands and generally took my time to enjoy the venue.

I've tried to put the photos in gig order.  


I love that body suit!

Concord Dawn:

New Zealand DnB at its finest.

The Hives:

Beady Eye:

This is how far back I was from the stage.  
Makes those photos all the more impressive, huh!

Arcade Fire:

Before I moved into the "D", I had to sneak photos between people.  
Oh the life of a short person.

Confetti cannon?  CONFETTI CANNON!!

Arcade Fire on stage left, Pearl Jam setting up on stage right.
Wonky camera action courtesy of me trying to hold my camera above my head.

Pearl Jam:

Stage set up

Cool lighting rigs!

They're people operated!

Too high up for my liking.  Worst job ever?


Major Lazer:

Art In The Park:

Nails for the day:

Who's That Girl Pistachio & Lavender Haze

Festivals are all about being sensible.  Clothing and shoes should reflect that you'll be standing and walking all day.

Heels = bad.

Heels = bad.

 Flats, all good.

Some people had really a really bad day.  Apparently this person was trying to jump a fence and failed.


Police were out to make sure we all stayed safe and had someone we could talk to if we needed them.

Not entirely sure what these guys were doing.  If you thought being a lighting guy for Pearl Jam was the worst job, I'm sure standing this far away from the actual concert beats it.

BDO 2014 is done and dusted... time to start preparing for next year!