Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rainbow Skittles

I spent most of the weekend trying to organise my polish.  Futile task.

In the process, I've figured that I have lost, or well, misplaced, a box of polishes - around 60ish bottles.  They're possibly in my room.  I just wish they would turn up.  

So,  Skittles!

I was really keen on using the whole rainbow spectrum.  

Please don't make me try to name the colours - I'll do the best I can, but I've already shuffled them back into my stash.  I tried to find as many cremes as I could that didn't have shimmer, or glitter, or duochrome.

Sally Hansen Dorian Grey,
Kleancolor White,
China Glaze Igniting Love.

Sally Hansen Presto Pink,
Kleancolor Grape Burst,

I'll update it when I figure the colours out.  

All are topped with Kleancolor black and a BM plate.  Topped again with Color Club Desert Valley.  

This post is full of fail.  I'm sorry.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Many Manis

A few from the last few weeks... I've been a bit slack on my photography and only doing my nails when they're really chipped or I peel them off.

 Chips, tip wear, shrinkage and dents included.

LA Girl Color Addict Intoxicated

Salon Perfect Sparkling Sapphire + LAG Blueberry Fizz

Kiss Everlasting French Wraps.

They say 7 days wear - I got 5 because I could feel them start lifting, and I tried to soak them off, which resulted in me getting impatient and ripping off the little finger and ring finger with my teeth, which then resulted in my ring finger nail breaking half-way down at the edges.  

The little finger will live to see another day, unless it bends in the wrong place and splits too.

LAG Crowd Surfing

Ozotic 505

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Brisk Blue, Ozotic 505, LAG Crowd Surfing, Kleancolor Black, BM 201.

Rimmel Shocker, CR 28 over thumb & ring finger.

Rimmel Shocker, CR 28, LAG Uninhibited, LAG Blueberry Fizz. 

Kleancolor Red Sparkle, LAG Uninhibited, Picture Polish Festival.

 Broken nail courtesy of Kiss Everlasting Nail Wraps.  Lol.  Literally in half.  Not even kidding.  

It was all my own fault for not soaking them off properly before tearing them off with my teeth.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (I wish I could remember the name of the pink...), Revlon Kiss & Tell (as a gradient), BM 201, Kleancolor Black, LAG Tropical Mango.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, BYS Glitter Blue (colour change), Ozotic 505 dots, LAG Color Addict grey (I forgot the name), LAG Crowd Surfing, LAG Funkadelic, Blueberry Fizz dots.

Xtreme wears NEVER last on me.  Always chip within a few hours/a day.

Can you tell which polishes have been living on or near my desk for the last month?  I really need more swatching sticks.

Sample Bar June Box


Its a little late, but the post is finally up!

This months Sample Bar June pack was based on winter rescue.  We can all use some 

Nothing better than a sticky toffee pudding to drive away the winter blues.

On to the samples!

Joiko K-Pak Reconstruct.
Full Size $32 (150ml).  Sample: $10.66 (50ml).

deep conditioning repair treatment.  Will have to try this out!

I need to have a good pamper day some time.

Joico is available at all participating salons.

MOR Lip Macaron.
Full Size $9.99 (10g).

This to me tastes funny.  I was told that it might be because it contains something like Vaseline, which has a weird aftertaste due to being made from a petroleum by-product.   

The other MOR cosmetics are pretty good though, so I strongly suggest them.  
Get all the MOR stuff from MOR cosmetics or Redcurrent stores throughout NZ.

Savar Essential Hydration Moisturiser.
Full Size $59 (100ml).  Sample: $17.70 (30ml).

Haven't tried this yet - I'm going to use it when I'm done with the Manuka honey from Goodie Box.  It smells good though.  

You can get it from Savar online.  

Plus $10 voucher?!  Score!!

Dermalab Skincare Range.
Full Sizes $14.99 - $19.99 (130ml - 430ml).  Samples: $0.63 (on average) (10ml approx guess).

This will go into the travel bag.  I'm really not a fan of unsealable samples, because I never use the whole lot at once.  It tends to get decanted into old medication bottles so I don't get it everywhere.

If you want an affordable skincare/hair routine, then this would be for you.  You can get it at most pharmacies.

Sleeping Mask.
Full Size $6.

Never used one, not very likely to use one, but I have been known to use a plane here and there, so another to be added to the travel bag.  
You want one?  Go to Sample Bar to get one.

All in total, this box was worth $56.83ish.  I say "ish" because there was no ml listed on the dermalab samples.  

Less value than other months, but I'm still gonna stick with it!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to destroy a pretty gradient.

If you want to do a pretty gradient...

Sinful Colours Tokyo Pearl, Cinderella, Lets Meet, Daredevil. LA Girl Fruity Peach on top.

Then you want to destroy it...

Kleancolor Black, Plate I can't remember.