Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nail School: Weeks 1 & 2

I started Nail School.  

To be exact:  National Qualification in Nail Technician Level 3.

Our first week was really fast and informative.  

We learnt parts of the nail, functions of the nail, and micro bacteria.  

We learnt the basics of massage, filing and cuticle work.

We started taking clients and sitting assessments. 

I haven't taken any pictures of the actual procedures, but I will add pictures of my study notes when I get a chance.

14 weeks to go!

This week coming we start on leg and foot massage and next week is pedicures.

Violet Box April

Finally a NEW subscription box!

This one comes all the way from Australia.

I'm sorry, I've lost the card for this one too.

BUT it did do what it said on the packet and was over the $60 value. 

Violet Box guarantees that each box is worth at LEAST $60.  We pay $29.95 per month for mostly full size products.

This is my first Violet box and it will NOT be my last!

On with the goods :)

Pretty box.  It's a magnetic closure with a purple ribbon tie.

A little bigger than a Sample Bar box, but smaller than a Goodie Box.

Bodyography mineral foundation in Amber.

This colour was far too dark for me, so if I can't re-sell it/pass it on, it'll be a very very expensive bronzer.  

Full size is $65.  Alone.  For this powder.  

If you want it, I'll consider offers. Email me or hit me up on facebook.

I have tried Avene before and loved it.  Happy to get this in my box.  
Can't remember the sample worth... $5 maybe?

This made me happy in the pants.  It's a lovely deep black mascara with a really gorgeous brush.  

And it comes with a refill.

It's also around $35.  

Lip gloss.  I think it was around $15.

I've had model co stuff before (an eyeliner that I gave away and a lip/cheek tint that prefers to tint my fingers instead of my lips).  

This lip gloss is very sheer, has a slight sweet scent/taste and is rather sticky.  Loving the mirror on the side though.  You could chuck this in your bag and apply ALL your makeup with the mirror.

I'm sure I've mentioned how much bronzing stuff we've gotten in the past from various boxes.  

It smells good, and it will probably do what it says on the box.  

Because we're coming into winter, I am not sure if I'll get to use it this season, but it can be added the collection and I'll have brown legs all summer!

MOR hand creams smell like fairy farts and unicorn sneezes.  Or something like that.

They are decadently MORish (see what I did there?) and these little samples are just not enough for me.  After getting full size of the Lychee and Marshmellow hand creams from the other two boxes, these two little samples left me longing.  They are both so amazing.

If you had to choose one:  Black current iris.

3 outta 6 items were full size, and with high values.  


Big 'ups' to Violet Box making its way to NZ.  

April Goodie Box!

Only a month late!   *flutters eyelashes*.

April Goodie Box!

I don't have the cards for it any more (another thing lost in the ether of my life) so take note of the products you like and google where to get them.

Or get them from Goodie Box.

Sponge!  To be honest, this came at just the right time.  I was on limited life left on my scrubber.  A month later and it's still going strong.  $9.99 from Farmers.

Biore stuff.  I tried the nose strip and it was WEIRD!!  I've never really done one before.  Did it work?  Maybe.  Its one of those strange things that you might not ever need.

When I run out of my current cleanser, I'll give this one a go.

Colour Club!  Oh how I love this brand.  I think my polish collection is mostly Colour Clubs.

Koo Koo Cachow!  (did I spell that right?)

It's a neon orange with a hint of tangerine.  It's not highligher orange but it is EXTREME.

I have this one already, so if you want it... you can have it!  Just pay for postage.  Email me or hit me up on facebook.  NZ only.  

I've had sebamed before and I didn't like it.  After taking the photo, these went straight to my flatmate.  I've tried some of the face wash before, and it left me feeling more oily than I began.

I'm yet to try this, but I'm excited!  

Cherry lip balm!  I've been using this at uni and it seems to be pretty decent.  It doesn't have a strong taste or a strong smell, and is only lightly tinted.  Keeps my mouth moist.

That was April's box.  I'm sorry I didn't have more, but yea... I've lost a lot of stuff recently.  They just happened to be things that got lost.

March Goodie Box!!

A lovely bunch of goodies this month!

Sarah and I did a video for this one.  Watch it if you dare!

Below are all the items in pretty photo form.

NOTE:  Because I'm posting this way late, I've lost all the little bits of data that I get given with the box.

Just enjoy the pretties for now.

Good haul :)

Get yours from goodiebox.co.nz

Hiatus over?

Good Evening my pretties!!

It's been a long time since I was last on here.  It feels like forever.  I keep meaning to come back and write a few words.  I've been relativity quiet on instagram too.

Tonight will be POSTING NIGHT!!!

I'll even try to get up some of the pics from the last couple of subscription boxes too.

Thanks for hanging in there!!