Friday, August 15, 2014

Lust Have It - July Box

I never saw this coming.

When I was asked to review last months one, I was all for it.  The lady who contacted me was awesome and sent me a box with the promise of sending me an affiliate code so I could share the love with you all.

This code, unfortunately, has not arrived in any of my inboxes.

Earlier this month, my dad dropped a little white package on my door.  WHAT?!

Another Lustre Box!!!

Lets get into it!

Apologies in advance for the quality of these images, the camera on my phone is playing up and my digital camera has conveniently gone missing.

The Lust Have It Womans Box come to your door each month for $19.99.  Loving the pink and gold bag this month.  It's a cool mesh bag.  I can see it coming in very useful.

Mary Kay Lip Lacquer.
Full size: $22 (4gm)

This is such a cool colour!  The pink is obvious but not overpowering, and the purple shimmer just pops when the light hits it.  Perfect for wearing alone as a sheer colour or over a similar shade of stain for a touch of gloss and shimmer.

"How do I apply this gorgeous colour?", I hear you asking. With this!! 

Mary Kay added in a travel lip brush!  The brush is spring loaded, so the bristles stay hidden and capped when not in use, and you use the cap to push the little tab up, exposing the brush when its needed!   Application with the brush was smooth and silky.

Ardell Self Adhesive Eye Lashes
Full Size: $9.99 (one pair)

These are the one thing I have never been able to apply to myself in any manner.  I tend to just go for lengthening mascara or glued in extensions.

One of my friends wears them on a daily basis, so I'll pass these onto her.

Happy Skincare Face Masks - Pig In Mud mineral mask.
Full size: $24.75 (40gm).  Sample: $6.18 for two packets (approx 5gm each).

You're meant to mix the powder with some water to make a smooth mask, which you then brush on your face and leave for a period of time.  The sample packets have no weight listed, yet each packet is said to make 2 applications.  The foil packets have a resealable top!  How amazing is that!

Also, the brush came free.  It's a really nice brush too.

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow - Black Comedy
Full Size: $24.95 (1.2gm)

Black eyeshadows are one of those things that you always need for a perfect smoky eye, yet I've never been able to master.  
No matter what I do, I end up looking like I've gone a few rounds with a boxer.

On the formula side:  It's really silky and fluffy, with a little bit of sparkle.  The pigmentation is good, its a very decent sized pottle and the sifter lid makes it easy to shake out a little at a time and not spill it everywhere.

I guess I gotta figure myself a smoky eye now!

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion.
Full Size: $79.95 (150ml).  Sample: $3.73 (7ml)

I've chucked this in my bag and I really do like it.  It has that slightly herby smell to it, like walking through a garden.  
Skin feels soft, smooth and I haven't had any breakouts from it yet, so heres hoping that it continues to stay that way.

Lonvitalite C9 Crystal moisturising hand mask
Full Size: $7.50 (one pair)

These seem like a dream come true.  
Who would of thunk that you can get hand treatments that come already in the glove!  No more clingfilm, messy towels, messy surfaces etc.  

Because I'm currently wearing acrylics, when I get these taken off I'll use this mask to rehydrate my hands and nails.  Acetone is a cruel mistress when it comes to skin and nail dehydration.

What does next month hold in store for us?  Hopefully another Lust Have It box!!!

Total value of products in this box:  $74.35.  

So pretty decent.  Lots of things that are multi-use, a bunch of full-size products, a couple of samples, a couple of brushes and some things I can regift.

I'm still waiting on that affiliate code, but please, if you want to try a company that offers pretty much a whole face routine in one box, give these guys a go.  

Lust Have It!!

*** Disclaimer:  I didn't expect this to arrive in the mail, and I thought last months box was a once-off.  I was sent these items for review.  I did not pay for this box.  My opinions are all my own.  ***