Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lust Have It May!

What?  It's only the middle of June?  What is this craziness?

Well, lemme tell you - my life just got a little busier.

And I just got the email to say the Lust Have It June box is on it's way.

So lets get into it!

PS:  The photos are dark because it's the middle of winter.  Sun?  What sun?

Looks a little like Taylor Swift.

Teeez Cosmetics Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow - Splendor Sunset
Full Size: $29

Yep.  I like this.

I've always loved Teeze packaging.  I loved the box for the metallic red nail polish, and the bottle was very different.  I loved the lipstick tube, it was just so cute.  And I love this.

My epic photography setup.  The deck.  My camera.  The fairy lights on the roof.  

"It's just another brown eyeshadow".  

What the photo doesn't capture is the shift from rust brown to magenta and firey gold.  

It's meant to contain argan oil and be a velvety smooth texture.  I'm not sure about the oil, but it feels nice.  

Razzamatazz Opaque Leggings
Full Size: $11.95 (but seriously, could you imagine getting a sample size of leggings?  Bwaahaahaahaa!!)

I have a small supply of the Razzamatazz "curvy" stockings because normal stockings won't fit me.  Therefore, these won't fit either, but my sister will get use out of them during winter.  

This brand has some awesome stuff.  They also have some really classy looking patterned fishnet stockings along with the usual 15/80/120 denier.  Pretty much the only stockings I'll wear.

Lollipops Baume Grenadine
Full Size: $7.45

It says it's a balm, but it's a gloss.  

Contains shea butter, macadamia and vitamin e oil, and is meant to be restorative.  

I just end up with my hair stuck to my mouth.

If nothing else, the colour is kinda pretty.  It reminds me of the Mary Kay lipcolour we got in a previous box last year, but more of a liquid.  The colour doesn't translate very well to the lips, but as far as glosses go, it's ok.


Urban Skincare Co Infuse Body Balm.  
From Memory: $3ish. (35ml)

I'm sure I've had this before, or at least I know I've had shampoo or something from them before.  

If I can go back through my archives and find it, I will... otherwise, let your fingers do the google-fu.

It smells good, like oranges.  I'm almost 90% sure that I've used this same thing last year. 

PHR Leave In Moisturiser.
Full Size: $35.95 (125ml).  Sample Size: $4.30

I washed my hair, towel dried it and was just looking at this packet on my desk, so thought "why not" and threw it in my hair.

It smells like Pina Colada's.  Not sure that my hair is dry enough to need it, because it just feels heavy now, but it smells fantastic.  Would I use it again?  Sure.  It would be nice for a once-a-week pamper day.  

Starlooks Pro Luxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen - Brown
Full Size: $20

Lemme tell ya, I LOVE eyeliners with brush tips.  No kidding, I will go for my Jordana Quickliner before any other eyeliner because it's like using a felt pen.  

This is very similar. 

I found the formula to be a little more draggy than I would've liked, and the swatches on my hand have a buildup of product on the sides that makes the line look weird.

It almost has a hint of green and a base of red. 

Did an eye look using the Teeze eyeshadow, the Starlooks eyeliner and the eyeshadow from the previous box as a highlight in my browbone.  Chella brow pencil.  Be A Bombshell mascara.

You can see how the eyeliner dragged along my eyelid, but the camera is picking up that pink flash in the Teeze eyeshadow.  Gorgeous!

Yea, I have really hooded eyes.  

So there we have it. 

Total cost of a Lust Have It box:  $19.95.
Total value of this one: $75ish (including the mystery product).

The conditioner was a one-time thing (damn those unresealable foil packets) but I'm excited to add the eyeliner and the eyeshadow to my makeup bag.

And I got a new banner!!

Now instead of $5, it's $10!!

Click the image to get your own box!

*disclaimer thing*

My brain tells me to type things so I type them.  I'll tell you if I like something or not.  Usually I do like something.  Sometimes I don't.  

Lust Have It provides me with a box every month as part of an affiliate program.  All my opinions are my own.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Cosplay and all things crafty - GLaDOS WIP - The road to AuckGeddon!

So, I've been having some issues with my current Cosplay - GLaDOS from Portal.  

I got the skirt done, that was easy.  

I turned two old vampire cloaks into the overskirt, also easy.

Now I'm stuck.

I made a fascinator to act as the headpiece, but I have something like 4 months till the convention (Armageddon) and I just don't know what I want to do.  Do I want a long wig?  A short wig?  An ombre'd wig with curls?

Do I want to make my top from the black and silver pinstripe that I bought specifically for it, or do I want to cheap out and buy a 'corset' instead?  I mean, its not a competition piece so I don't have to handmake 75% of the costume.  If all else fails, I guess I could relace my Ursula corset with white or black ribbon, and put it over a white teeshirt.

I still have to make the cake.  

Couldn't find Whipple anymore, so I followed a DIY to make a decorating cream out of talc and glue.  It works, surprisingly.

Things left to do on GLaDOS:

- Paint hat box, adhere "cream" and "cherries".  Find a way of actually CARRYING the damned thing.  I'm thinking maybe a handle under it some how or wrapping it in brown felt so I can craft a handle on one side along with a couple semi-hidden latches to hold it closed.

- Evenly distribute the ribbons on the inside of the skirt.

- Find a way of attaching the overskirt to the underside of the corset/top

- OBTAIN corset or make top.

- Find and buy a wig that would work for this cosplay.

- Figure out how to attach a very front-heavy fascinator to a wig without everything failing.  

- Remember to take spare batteries for the lamp, and make sure that the batteries are accessible.  

- Decide what I want to do with my legs/arms.  I'm thinking I might have to *gasp* make some white leggings to go with it, and then wrap them with black ribbon to make it look like cables.  

Do I use these little balls to make her personality spheres?  Or is that going too far?

4 months to go?  


Friday, June 3, 2016

Lust Have It April box!!

 Everyone's favorite time of the month...


Appelles Blackseed Shampoo and Tamanu Conditioner
Full size: 500ml ($47).  Sample Size: 35ml ($3.29)

This stuff smells amazing.  Its herby and leaves your hair feeling really soft. 

Manna Kadar Beauty 3-in-one Fantasy blush-highlighter-eyeshadow
Full Size: $25

This is such a pretty neutral colour.  I have worn it a couple of times, but everytime I try to photograph it, it doesn't show up.  

I prefer to use it as an eyeshadow, but as a 3 in one product, you can totally get a variety of use out of it.  
It doesn't really work as a blush on my colouring - its just too close to my regular skin tone.

Still very pretty and wearable as a highlight or an eyeshadow though. 

Marsk Certified Organic Browliner - Marilyn
Full Size: $28.95

I had to pass this onto my blonde-haired sister after taking a swatch, because honestly, I would never use this.  I have medium/dark brown hair and my brows are generally the same colour.  

See how light it is?  It just wouldn't work for me.

Marsk Certified Organic Eyeliner  - Pitch Black
Full Size: $28.95

I'm still going on the 1st Marsk Eyeliners that we were sent, so I gave this one also to my sister.

It's a pretty basic black eyeliner pencil.  Takes a couple swipes to build up colour, but its decent enough for a day look, and pretty easy to smudge out for a smoky eye.

Personail Nail Strips
Full size: $18

Not sure of the style name, I think these are called Perfectionist.

I've tried these kinda strips in the past, and they are OK for a week or so and do the job.

The half-moon design was interesting.  I'm not sure if you are meant to put them over polish or not.

Because I had done my nails a few days prior with some full coverage water decals, I tried to accent one nail on each hand.

You can see that the silver isn't really opaque - you can still see the decal through the glitter.  

Filed the end off and yea, it looks OK.  I'm not sure that I would choose a design like this in future though..

Added a top coat to it after the photos were taken, and it lasted a good couple of days before I took everything off (the decals were getting a little on the tatty side).

I'm sure my sister would get more use out of them than I would anyway!

So thats it, folks!

Total cost of the box: $19.95
Total Value:  $107.48
Total useful value to me personally (because I passed on most of the items): $31.58.

Still a decent return on a $20 box!

Want to get your own?
Click the link below to get a discount on your first box!

*disclaimer of doom!*

All opinions are my own, boxes are provided by Lust Have It as part of an affiliate program.