Thursday, October 16, 2014

Galaxy nails the easy way

Galaxy nails are so easy to do when your polish is pre-blended to look like a starry sky.

On my accents (thumb and ring finger) is The Polished Kiwi's Galaxy.  It's an almost foil-like silver toned polish with a tonne of multicoloured flakies.  It does the multichrome thing in the light, and it just looks so awesome.

On the rest of the nails is one of mine.  OlliePop & Luci's Night Fishing.  This is the trial version of it, and it has glow in the dark glitter, holo stars, glow in the dark stars, white stars, glow moons, rainbow hexes and a tonne of micro rainbow glitter and smattering of duochromatic flakie, along with a holo finish.  

Because the glitters are quite big and heavy, you actually DO have to do some fishing to get the larger shapes on the nail.  But never fear!  You'll get the smaller glow glitter on every nail, so your fingers look like tiny constellations in the dark.

 The reformulated version has MORE glitter and less pigment.  It's still opaque in two coats, but the effect is so much better for the glow glitter.

These are both shown with 2 coats and no top coat.  

Lust Have It Box!! September Edition

These are the most fun part of my month.  I love getting mail, and these are so cute!

Lust Have It is a monthly subscription box from Lustre Beauty in Australia.  Each month is $19.99 and you get a tonne of value.

Usually I'm able to do a price comparison... but this time my bag didn't come with a product card.  Its a MYSTERRRRYYYYYY!!!!

EDIT:  They gave me a card!!!  Prices added.

Pink & Gold :)  Looks like a bunch of Model Co swag this time.  

Lets get into it!

Urban Skincare Co. Repair + Body Balm
Full Size: $12.95 (100ml).  Sample Size: $4.53 (35ml)

It is one of those super-enriching balms that is designed for really dry skin.  It smells like mandarin leaves and a little like sugar lollies.  Smells AMAZING.  It's not thick like some balms, but its quite light and absorbs easily.

For Free Shipping and 20% off your next (or first) purchase from Urban Skincare Co use the voucher code LHI1.

Uriage Surgras Liquide Dermatologique
Full Size: $34.95 (400ml).  Sample Size: $0.70 (8ml)

I'm gonna go with the tiiiiiny description at the bottom:  It's an extra-rich cleansing gel for sensitive skin.

It has a fresh scent.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Macadamia Wax Creme Highlighter
Full Size: $24.50 (6gm)

From experience with highlighters, they're used on the face and eyes to assist with contouring.  Its a skin tone in the container, but a really shimmery pale frosty beige on the skin.  Smudges out really easily and smells, unsurprisingly, like macadamia nuts. 

There was no pricing for this on the website, it appears to be a very new company and the shop is not yet open.

Model Co Facial samples

Double Sided Facial Wipes: 1 wipe.
Full Size: $8 (25 wipes).  Sample: $0.32

Exfoliating Cream Facial Scrub: 2ml
Full Size: $20 (120ml).  Sample: $0.33

Soothing Moisturiser: 2ml
Full Size: $25 (50ml).  Sample: $1

Instant Miracle Booster: 1ml
Full Size: $35 (35ml).  Sample: $1

I'd probably pack these into an overnight bag.  You can go out with a full face of makeup, use the makeup wipe before bed, add some of the moisturiser, and in the morning, use the facial scrub, booster and the rest of the moisturiser.  Or put them into your carry-on luggage when going on a plane ride - they're small enough.

Manicare Glam Express 3-1 nail art pen.
Full Size: $9.99 (5ml + 300 stones + stencils)

I got the pink one in a previous box, and was rather happy to see a silver one.  The pigmentation of the pink was weak - it showed up over white, but not over dark colours.

I had a bit of a play with this, so prepare for image-spam. 

Stencils in the box

Pull the cap off for a pen-nib

Unscrew for a full sized brush - not a striper, as you would expect. 

Apply stencil to nail.  I found it was quite fragile and brittle.  You can see there are cracks in the plastic from just the application.

Apply the silver polish over the stencil.

I used the pen nib and a rhinestone on my blue polish, and the stencil on the grey.

Model Co Lip Lacquer - Creme Brulee
Full Size $24 (3g)

Nude is THE colour for most seasons.  
Usually I'm not a great fan of lip glosses - they're sticky and tend to run & smudge and just blergh.  

This one seemed to have decent pigmentation on the hand swatch, and it had the sweet caramel creme scent that goes with the name.  

As you can see, it is pretty close to being a sheer nude.

 And on my lips.  Please excuse the skin.  You can see that my hair is already sticking to it, and that the colour isn't all that bright.  It's more of a sheer hint of nude.  It dulled down my natural colour quite a bit, and with a nude lipliner under it, it would pop more.

Lasting power:  Its a gloss.  If it had staining properties I would expect it to last a couple hours at the least... this lasted a couple hours at the most.

All in all, I'm loving being a reviewer for Lust Have It.  

Total cost for the box is AU$19.99
Final total AU$66.37

Can't wait for the next one!

*** I got sent this for review.  I'm still waiting on my affiliate code, so please hold tight for that.  I didn't pay for it and my opinions are my own.  I would totally buy this though.  It's a pretty damned good service. ***