Friday, July 31, 2015

Lust Have It June Box

June's Lust Have It box came to me in the middle of winter, so I ended up taking these photos on the only sunny day in the middle ofJuly (NZ gets their boxes a week or two later than Aussie), which meant that it was the end of the day and the shadows were being unhelpful.

Nice looking assortment of bits and bobs.

In true Stacey fashion, I lost the card that came with everything.  No prices listed, but if your Google-Fu is up to scratch, you should be able to find most things online.

The Cosmetic Kitchen
Peppermint Foot Mask

You have to mix it with a bit of oil and water to make a paste, and sit and relax for a while as it does its thing.

Because you only need a tablespoon or so, I would love for these to come in resealable bags, so I can keep the rest dry.

The Cosmetic Kitchen
Dry Body Scrub

You're meant to grab a handful and rub/buff it into your skin before a shower.  It has coffee, bergamont and sugar.  You could probably eat it, but don't use it as a face scrub or on open wounds.

Nak Thermal Shield

I'm not a huge user of heated hair products (I have zero patience for doing my own hair) so I've given this to my sister to try, as she has a GHD and uses it often.

It smells divine, and if it was a dry shampoo or a leave in conditioner, I would be loving it forever.

Chapstick Hydration Lock

I love chapsticks, and I love the dual-ended ones.  I have the Mixstix, and what I like about them, is that both ends are the "right" end.

I keep this one at work so I can use it during my breaks.

No strong flavour, and no colour, its the perfect little potion to wear with a lipstick.  Use side 1 first, wait a bit, then apply your colour, wait a bit, then put side 2 over the top.

Teeze Eve's Ready To Wear Lipstick

And if you are looking for a lipstick, Teeze has it.
The packaging is just gorgeous.  How could you say no to that box art!

The box art continues onto the lid of the lipstick, and I'm digging the classic silver tube.

This colour is just a lovely semi glossy flat colour.  Not a tonne of shimmer, no sparkles, just a slick of colour.
It works well with my skin tone, and I've worn it a few times.

All in all a good box this month!

I loved the Chapstick and the Teeze, I'm a fan of the smell of the hair protector, and I'll find some water-proof containers to decant the body scrub and foot mask into before I use them.

Click the link above to get your own box, and use my code to get $5 off.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lust Have It: May Beauty Bag!

YAY!!  Another beautiful box of bits!

No pink bags yet, but the pink box was pretty.  

Lets get right into the products this month!

Bloom Foundation Stick - Base 3

Full Size: 11.2gm ($35)

This foundation contains rice bran oil and jojoba.  Both of those are pretty good for your skin, so at least you know you're getting something good outta it.

I'm thinking base 1 might of been more my colour - I'm on the light-medium side of the scale, so the base 3 foundation was a little darker than something I would usually wear.  

I gave this to my sister, who is a touch darker than myself.

Soak Hair Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Full Size: 500ml ($24.95).  Sample: 25ml ($1.25)

Soak Shampoo is enriched with Maca Root, this product is packed with vitamins including B6, calcium and zinc. 
Soak Conditioner is made with Purple Kale, providing Vitamin A, K and Manganese.

Conveniently I ran out of my usual hair products the day before I got these.  

I had good hopes for the herbal ingredients, but the formula left me lacking.  I struggled to get a lather going, and because I have long thick hair, sometimes a good lather is what I need to help distribute the product.  

I ended up washing my scalp in thirds, just so I could make sure that I worked it all in.  I used about 3 times as much as I would of usually used from a non-enriched formula.  Even after that, it still didn't feel "clean".

The conditioner wasn't great either.  I used the regular amount that I would use on my hair (mid-back length), it was still just as hard to manage as if I hadn't used conditioner at all.  

To make it more manageable I had to put some of my other hair treatment oils through it while it was damp.  

I don't think I'll be purchasing this in a full size.

Soak Skin Body Lotion

Full Size: 500ml ($29.95).  Sample: 25ml ($1.50)

Infused with Chia Seeds.  Includes Calcium, Vitamin B3 and Magnesium.

To me, it just smells like any other herbal body lotion.  It's decent for throwing into a bag to travel with, or for rubbing on your legs after shaving.

Haven't noticed any great benefits so far, but I'll keep going.  

Hola Seaweed Moisturising Repair Cream
Full Size: 50g (Somewhere between $17 and $25)

This stuff is interesting.  It reminds me of a hand sanitiser/moisturiser that my grandmother gave me for Christmas one year, but its a very fresh, bright smell.  

It looks like a cross between whipped cream and blue jelly, and the texture is similar. 

On my face it absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth feeling.  

Coconut Revolution Coconut Hand Cream Tahi Jasmine

Full Size: 250g ($29.95).  Sample: 10g ($1.50)

It smells amazing.  Like a breezy tropical garden.  

I love hand creams - I use my hands at work at lot, and I wash them a lot, so I go through them really quickly.  You don't need a lot because the Coconut oil does all the work, and it melts in smoothly.

Loving it!

Lonvitalite 24K Face Mask + Bonus Eye Mask

Full Size: One Use ($9.99)

I have a bunch of these now.  Sometimes when I have a bath I'll put one on and let it do its magic while I'm soaking in the tub, or I'll take them to my friends houses for when we have girly pamper nights.  

You'll look like an idiot wearing it, but you'll feel amazing afterwards.

Thats it for this months box!

There were some good things and some mediocre things, but all up it was pretty good.  

Total value: $71.19(ish - I'm estimating on the Hola stuff).

Total price: $19.95

Pretty good value!!

Get yours here by clicking the link below, and you'll be able to join the fun :)

Disclaimer:  All opinions are my own.  LHI provided the bag for review as an affiliate.