Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lust Have It - AUGUST!!

Another LHI box!

I really love these little gifts in the mail.

Lust Have It sends them out at the end of each month, and because I'm in New Zealand and they're in Australia, I get them around a week after the Aussies.  I also like to spend a bit of time testing and trying the products (if they're something I'm into) before I post it up.

So even though it's now the middle of October, and the September box only just arrived, I've been able to use some of the stuff in the August box a few times and give it a proper go.



Back to the box!!!

Red Carpet Kolour - Medium
Full Size: 150ml ($49.95)

I've always be interested in body glows.  I've been given a lot of self-tanners, but the idea of being streaky doesn't appeal.

It's meant to give you a subtle shimmer and a glow to bare skin.  I'm loving the effect on my arm.

I haven't used this yet - I'm heading down to Wellington at the start of November, so I'll take it with me and bronze myself up before heading into the city to party the night away!

I like that it has no scent, and that the glitter doesn't really transfer.

Looks like I'll get a lot of use out of this in the warmer months to make my skin a little more dewy and gorgeous!

Reed Orange and Poppy Seed Scrub
Full Size: 150gm ($6.50)

Nice price for the amount given.

I'm a body scrub newbie.  I need someone to give me a tutorial on how to use this stuff.
Can I put it in a mesh bag and rub it on my skin that way?

It smells FANTASTIC though.

Mellow Cosmetics Mineral Auto Twist Liner - Navy
Full Size: $8

I LOVE this liner.  I've been wearing it every weekend since I got it.  I used to wear a turquoise eyeliner when I was at University and I own a bunch of the darker coloured liners, so this Navy blue is a new one to me.

Give me more coloured liners!

Ulta3 Volume and Length Mascara
Full Size: $6.95

Love the packaging.
Love the brush.
Not really in love with the formula.

If the mascara was not quite as clumpy, I'd be more into it.
I've been using it, and I prefer a waterproof formula, but its OK for everyday wear.

Mellow Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow - Olive
Full Size: $9.50

We had a casualty!

Baked shadows don't like international shipping.  Turns out I'm not the only one with a broken shadow, and I contacted LHI to let them know that it was damaged.  The broken bits and the remainder were corralled into another container so I could keep using it.

I LOVE the colour.  This plus the liner = sexy.

Because its a sheer with a duochrome finish, it really pops over a dark colour, yet blends so well into the skin.  I'm a sucker for a gorgeous eyeshadow.

Happy with the box this month.
Total value: $80.94 AU.

Click the link to get your first box with $5 off.  It's pretty nifty.

Lust have it provides a monthly box as part of an affiliate program.  All opinions are my own.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Make your own RACECAR!!!

I got given a DIY race car kit to play with from one of my work suppliers.


Ages 5+, so grab a whole bunch, build them and race them with the family!

It comes with EVERYTHING you need.  But you might want a small bowl of water to rinse the brush, and maybe another brush if you don't like the plastic bristles. 

Remove the plug from inside the glue bottle, and replace with the nozzle.

Apply glue to the insides of the wheels.  You don't need a lot.  Maybe 1/3 fill the hole.

I overfilled mine.  Oops.  Shove those rods into the wheels and sit them up so they can dry.

Run the glue along the top and inside of the C shaped bit.

Stick it to the nose of the car.  Broom Broom!!

Gloopy glue is gloopy.  Apply liberally to this end of the car (or the accompanying section).

Stick the tail fin onto it.  

Apply glue to the cab section (the smaller of the two triangular bits).

Stick it on the back of the car.  Try to get it central, but you do you, special snowflake.

Slap some of that gloop onto the helmet.

Stick it in front of the cab, with the cutout facing forwards.  Once again, you can try to make it central, or you can do it however you like.  It's a free world.

Put the sticks through the holes.  ALMOST DONE!!

Fill the last two wheels with glue.

Press them together and leave to dry for a couple hours.  

Have a glass of wine, or two.  Or three.

Now that its dry, time to paint!  

You don't need to water down the paints at all, and you get enough to do 2 coats of each colour.

After the first coat of paint, I ditched this brush and found a new one.


Looks pretty much like the picture on the packet, so I'm happy :)

I'm impressed with my talent.  I make a good 5+ year old.

It comes with extra visors, in case you have three people who want to race the same model of car.


1) Work out what goes where, and paint everything (except the areas that are to be glued) first.  It would save so much fussing when you can't get your brush between the wheels and the side of the car.  I can't count how many times I swore at myself for getting black all over the silver.  

2) I didn't paint the base of my car because no-one was really gonna see it.  

3) Mix it up!  Do a red car with silver detailing, do a black car with red wheels... you get enough paint to make it happen.  

4) If you can find washers or spacers to add to the wheel axles, do it.  I found that I had a little too much wiggle in my car.  It ran fine, and it rolled ok, but it would be better with even spacing on both sides.

5) HAVE FUN!!!!

Thanks to Croxley & Colorific for letting me build a car!   You can get them almost anywhere that sells kids craft supplies, stationery and gifts.  It costs between $5-10 NZ per car.

It currently lives on a shelf at work, so all my workmates can enjoy it.