Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lust Have It June


I look forward to my Lust Have It box every month.

It arrived at my parents PO Box, so I went down to obtain it, and I was hoping that it would contain some makeup items so I could give my mother a mini Birthday makeover.

Lets get into it!

Not quite makeup... but maybe there is something awesome in here.

Paulas Choice Intensive Wrinkle Repair Serum.
Sample Size: 7ml.

This is a repeat!  It's my "mystery item" from the LHI team.  Because it was a mystery item, I have no pricing on this one, but it is the same that I've had before.

Sasy N Savy Revive Bath N Shower Gel
Full Size: $35 (250ml).  Sample size: $4.20 (30ml).

It smells soooo good.  It smells like something you'd use as part of a pedicure - I guess the peppermint just screams feet, as opposed to body.

Neutrogena Deep Clean
Full Size: $12.99 (125ml).  Sample size: $1.55 (15ml)

I've used this before.  It's a decent product and I've gone back to it again and again, when I'm not trialing something else.

Everyone needs a good gentle scrub in their life, and this one is pretty good.

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes
Full Size: $12.99.  Sample: Estimated $3.64 (7 towels)

Another staple from Neutrogena.  These are great for taking on holiday - small, portable and very useful!

Edgy Tempting Cosmetics Eye Liner - Blue Grey.
Full Size: $15

This is gorgeous colour.  I don't have anything like it already.  It matches my eyes so well.

The formula is a little dry, but it's workable.

June box cost: $19.99
June box value: $24.39 (disregarding the Paula's Choice).

Give Lust Have It a chance and get your own box!  Click the image!

I wasn't overly happy with the box this month.  Only 1 full sized item and the value of the box is barely worth the cost of the box + postage.  I guess it varies per person depending on what the bonus item is.

If this was someone's first box, I'm not sure I would continue the subscription, but because this is NOT my first box, I know that there are, and have been, better ones.

All opinions are my own. Lust Have It supplies me a box every month as part of their affiliate program.  All opinions are my own.

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