Thursday, August 25, 2016


I love getting boxes like this one - a full face of makeup!

Lets start with the face.  Because it's actually not too bad looking!

Eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipstick all came from this bag.  The base was a Za powder.

The brush on the mascara was a little hard for me to work with personally, so it went on the lash line, and I tried to hide it with a smudge of the darker purple from the eyeshadow duo.  Didn't really work.

I like the blue mascara though!

(Gosh my nose looks huge in these photos!)

Onto the products!

GOSH Matt Duo Eyeshadow - 008 Dusty Purple
Full Size: $14.99

It's a pretty duo.  It's a little chalky but the colour payoff is ok.  I haven't tried it wet, but it might improve the colour intensity.

MPrincess Mineral Blush - Peach Fuzz
Full Size: $15.45 (1.2g)

Orange blush?  Shimmery orange blush?!

It's not too bad!

The shimmer acts as a nice highlight, and the orange actually blends out quite nicely to a pinkish finish.    On my hand I have it blended out (on the left) and applied roughly with my finger (on the right).

If you threw it over a base, it would make a great eyeshadow.

Teeez Cosmetics Desert Metals Mascara - Sapphire Nights
Full Size: $32.50

I've never used a coloured mascara before, so this intrigued me.  It's dark enough that I can totally get away with wearing it on a normal day-to-day basis.  It would look amazing with they grey-blue eyeliner from the previous box.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush - Marshmellow Pink
Full Size: $15

A cool leaning blue-based pink.  Not really my colour - I think it looks a little too barbie on me.
It claims to be a stain, but it doesn't stain nearly as much as the other JPP lip blush that I got a while back.

I think if I was to sheer it out a little, or wear something darker mixed with it, I could pull it off a little better.

Essenzza Face Mask
Full Size: $4.99

This brand is amazing.  I love their wipes, I love their masks, and this one has a mask pattern printed on it, so you don't look quite as weird sitting there with a sheet of paper on your face.  

I tend to collect these up and save them for pamper nights with the girls, or the day after a big night out.

Total cost for the box: $19.95 Australian money.
Total value of this box: $82.93.

Considering I'll use every product, this is a great box.

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Box was provided for review by Lust Have It.  All opinions are my own.  Cheers!

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